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What’s Drew’s doing?

Studying up furiously on final game note preparations and trying to get up his first Live Commentary on Power Spread.


What Kurt’s doing?

Trying to get over to Stout NYC before the start of the game! Stout NYC is the new meeting place for OSU fan’s after a long run at Tonic NY in Times Square. Due to extenuating circumstances I’m unable to meet my PS buddy tonight, but most importantly have a TV from which to view the Urban Meyer Experience.


What’s Mike Doing?

My brother in law – the biggest Husker fan I know –  is breaking out the boxes of old baby stuff for his beautiful 6 mth old daughter and my niece, Makayla.  Something’s not right – less than an hour to THE GAME, MIKE!!  WHAT THE HECK’S GOING ON OUT THERE!??





OSU has arguably the least talented team on hand since their first year of Tressel. This is not surprising as that was also a transitions after a rocky ending to another great regime under Coach Cooper.  Ohio State possibly saw its most talented teams ever during the reign of Tressel, but now have the schemes to go with the great leadership and recruiting that Coach Tress provided.  Still, in a transition year with a young team, the quality of play has been far from sterling.

“Far from sterling” seems to be the moniker for Big 10 play in 2012. While Nebraska doesn’t suffer from the transition/experience problems that plague the Buckeyes, they have bigger issues with what the coaching staff is doing on both offense and defense. OC Beck can’t seem to decide on what’s best for his offense, which is ironic, considering Martinez is obviously a run first, throw later QB.  Stick to the Power Spread, coach. What’s more surprising is the Defense – Pellini’s speciality!? Similar to the offense, there seems to be a real lack of direction in concept and scheme. Even worse is some of the shoddy fundamental play from the back 7.  This should not be happening on any Pellini defense. (more…)