Posted: November 3, 2018 in All Things Power Spread

     What in the world happened to Pro-Style Football??

More than once this year I’ve had people say to me that the NFL in 2018 is completely whacky, but fun and exciting – similar to last year’s Super Bowl. I off course bring up my 2 year ranting about Doug Pederson being the best Head Coach in the NFL and how I said in October of 2017 that even without Wentz, because of Pederson, the Eagles could still win the SB. Then I’m usually asked – why on earth did you think this or what the heck actually happened in that SuperBowl?  I point people to my articles from last year’s playoffs, but either people are not reading and/or still don’t get it.

I haven’t been writing any articles on this year’s season as I’m working on something brand new and big to have out in 2020, but I was going to jump back on the College  and NFL playoff seasons later in the year. Then I started to think…. Super Bowl 52 turned out to be a huge defining moment in PS History so maybe I should revisit the game itself and see if I can clarify further what the heck I’m talking about when I mention terms like Power Spread and ProPS. Also, further define what I see in a coach like Doug Pederson and why he is the present future of Football.

What Happened?

Super Bowl 52 as well as last year’s playoffs has served as a springboard to the 2018 season and beyond. Power Spread Football is now ALL football forever more. The culmination of 150 years of transition from Power to Spread elements in the game. Eventually culminating into a fully consolidated package of Power Spread.

Experimentation has been going on for quite some time in College Football, but has finally made its way to the Pro level. Teams in the NFL this year are incorporating all kinds of ProPS and ProPSAR (Power Spread Air Raid) elements into both their Offensive and Defensive Schemes. Some teams such as Chicago are incorporating straight up Power Spread schemes and play calling into their game plans.

The amount of experimentation in the NFL right now is as high as it has been in quite some time. West Coast Schemes w/ OneBack Zone Running and eventually Run&Shoot Spread Passing were developed long ago. As were the original Hybrid Pressure Schemes on Defense along with intricate Cover Shells and Zone Blitz Packages. Now, everything is being used – even the mobile QB – in many variations.

Overview to the Review

To truly understand what happened in this Super Bowl and how it has functioned as one of the 3 Defining Moments in Power Spread History, one needs to know a little bit about the evolution of Power Spread, what it is exactly, and how it morphs into ProPS. In addition, there needs to be some knowledge of what made Bill Belichick the forerunner in PS concepts in the NFL, paving the way for the great synthesis of PS Coaching by Doug Pederson over the last 2 years both on and off the field.

My goal is that the following series of articles at least start to illuminate the way in which football has evolved to this point and where it may be headed. Understanding the conceptual building blocks that have led Football to this time and place only enhances what we are now seeing on the field, making it even more exciting and fun when you realize all the energy that has come before and goes into the game today.

Like I said, this is just a start – we will see how it goes. The first article will simply attempt to explain a little more about Power Spread and how Football ended up where it is today. The second article will deal with the top coach of today in Doug Pederson and his predecessor and opponent in last year’s Super Bowl, Bill Belichick. The next four articles will look at each of the 4 Quarters of the Super Bowl and break down the effects of Power Spread on the game presently and heading into the future. Finally, there will be a wrap article to all of this and what the fans are looking at as this 2018 Season heads into the home stretch.

Enjoy… 🙂

Drew P

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