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Could this be the start of Belichick bringing a full scale PS offense into the NFL?

Spreading the field and mixing in power comes in many schemes and doesn’t necessitate a running QB. Using a TE in the backfield to run, catch or block is yet another brilliant maneuver by Belichick and shows his willingness to spread the field to find balance in either the run or pass – short or long, middle or wide – the essence of the Power Spread. Playing with TIME in addition to SPACE by using the play clock – one form being the no huddle- takes the Power Spread closer to its full expression. On the eve of another possible Super Bowl victory, I’m already wondering what’s in store for New England and the PS in the NFL in 2012?

Belichick met with Urban Meyer a few years ago and brought a wide open passing spread to New England. His disciple at the time, Josh McDaniel, became the Head Coach at Denver and drafted Tim Tebow with the idea of Power Spread football in the NFL, based on ideas he learned from Belichick via Meyer – who, by the way, was Tebow’s coach at Florida. Florida has become the first NFL team to consistently run PS schemes in the form of QB Read Option plays that Tebow ran in College.

McDaniel wasn’t around this year to experience what he started as he was fired from Denver after one year. Ironically, he was hired back by the Pats just in time to help New England decipher that very scheme he helped bring to the NFL with Tebow, eventually landing Belichick’s team in another Super Bowl. This may be the Brady swan song, but a lot depends on what other tricks Belichick has up his sleeve and his relationship with McDaniel as Offensive Coordinator.

Brady or no Brady, Belichick always has great coaches that stay in the background helping players like Brady flourish. With the help of McDaniel and maybe some more talks with friends like Meyer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see New England experiments even further with the PS starting next year. Belichick is not afraid to try something different – if it works – and the Power Spread definitely does.