Following along the 2013 Season of Change in College Football. Does Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Buckeyes knock off the Nick Saban Alabama Old School Brutes and finally consolidate the transition of American Football to one if it’s greatest changes in history to Power Spread ideas?  Does Alabama even make it to the Championship? Or we have another chance at an Old vs New matchup between Stanford and Oregon?

Either way, Power Spread is coming and it’s coming fast. Even Alabama and Stanford have PS elements all throughout their schemes. Alabama more on Defense with Saban’s Zone Blitz Passive Aggressive ideas. Stanford has implemented more Read Option stuff under Shaw – taking a cue from their former coach now in the NFL.

Every week we will preview the schedule and the big games on tap. Then we will do a follow up review. Of course, we will preview and review every Bowl Game leading up to the National Championship. Finally a Season Wrap at the end. A look back with an eye towards the future. What inroads did the Power Spread make in 2013 and was it a landmark year after all or will 2014 be the year?

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