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As much as it pains me, this picture above of Charles White about to receive the handoff in the 1980 Rose Bowl out of the Power I says it all. It was the beginning of the end for my beloved Undefeated Buckeyes and their National Championship hopes that season.
This was also the beginning of my long running hatred for USC and teams that always seemed to have the Buckeyes number – even unto the present time. It took me a long time to understand why this happened repeatedly to my Buckeyes. I was so excited for the 2008 revenge of the Buckeyes. The  debacle that followed fueled even more hatred towards USC, which I finally channeled productively into discovering what was wrong with OSU!?
For the first time as a football fan and former player, I had some understanding. Studying this game finally made me realize the part that Concepts, Ideas and Schemes play in the Game of Football as well as the Game of LIfe.  
It is appropriate that the Offensive mastermind of that ill fated Buckeye loss, Steve Sarkisian, was recently named the new Head Coach at USC. His schemes and game planning had more to do with my wake up call than any other coach out there.
Here’s my story…  


                           Are Drew, Kurt, Jimmy, Kyle and Craig all together for the first time this year???  
                          Possibly. Stay Tuned….   (Go to Power Spread YouTube for Videos of us at the Game!!)
maxresdefaultOSU  12-0      MSU  11-1
Gus Malzahn
hi-res-6805634_crop_northGus Malzahn. The master of masters. The one who may be leading us into a new age of Football. Will he one day be held in the same esteem as other great innovators such as Alonzo Stagg, Pop Warner, Fielding Yost, Knute Rockne, Rusty Russell, Francis Schmidt, Clark Shaughnessy(George Halas), Paul Brown, Sid Gillman, Bill Walsh and Mouse Davis?  
Al Borges
110416-denard-robinson-al-borges-spring-gamejpg-a0dd822b4f78dc0a Give the man some credit. A former “Assistant of the Year” at Auburn, Borges came in with a cohesive, direct game plan and the play calling and adjustments became much easier. Still, due to the complications of switching schemes back and forth from Pro to PS, Gardner had to execute to near perfection, along with Borges, to get this to work. 

alabama-4-21-13-4_3 (more…)