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Stay tuned everyone. Changes are coming quick. This is my first update since 2013. Looking to really bring this site to a broader audience w/ a full website, while keeping as the blog portion of the site.

This past week I started doing my first Podcasts. It’s been a fast and furious experience, but I now will have the ability to bring to you PS Football which will include a Historical Perspective, Blog Articles, Podcasts and Videos + more…

Below is a list of my first ever Podcasts I have created for the 2022 NFL Playoffs starting with Wildcard Weekend. Three Previews and six reviews of each game. Simply click on any Podcast Title to be directed to the Episode on Spotify. I recommend the free spotify app as it works well for the listening flexibility as well as the time stamps I’ve listed below.

I will list my Divisional Playoff Podcasts and Championship + Super Bowl Podcasts as well. From there we will see where this all goes. Enjoy and see you soon!