About Us

The Team

We are two Ohio State fans in New York City who have become fascinated (since the USC drubbing in 2008) with the impact schemes and coaching has on college football. We are in no way promoting ourselves as ex-coaches who are the definitive experts of football strategy – we just feel we know more than everyone else.  

Drew feels that his time spent on the Buckeye 50 Yard Line Message Board in the early 00’s and as one of the original 3 bloggers of the Columbus Dispatch’s first Buckeye Extra Blog in 2004,  elevates his status to “near” expert.  Kurt feels that Drew’s time spent on Tennis writing has clouded his mind and that his insane ramblings need to have a watchful, more discerning eye to keep him in check.

In all seriousness, we just want to share our passion with others out there who are also excited about the changes happening in Football right now and are looking at this blog as purely experimental, with an eye towards possibly bigger things in the future.  

We welcome you to join us on this JOURNEY as we will be  exploring the Power Spread on a broader scope and how it represents the changing World of Football with advancements in technology, media and even social implications on the  evolving World at large. 

You will see some empty categories that will be developed over time – including a 10 year look back on how Teams have evolved into this latest phase of American Football, reports on our beloved Buckeyes, some fun video footage exposing the unrealized College Football scene in NYC and even a category for Fan Fanatics (FFs) who don’t want all this heavy talk and want to have fun, going back and forth about their teams and favorite players.  

All of this is a part of the Power Spread – its not just a scheme or idea – its really a philosophy or symbol of this new age of sports in relation to Football and we are trying to have as much fun as we can with it! WELCOME ABOARD!

The Players

Drew was born and grew up for half of his childhood in Dayton, Ohio before his family relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Despite being in the depths of Steeler Nation he never lost his love for Cincinnati Teams and the Ohio State Buckeyes. He dreamt of becoming the first Buckeye from Gateway High School, but recently Dorian Bell and Corey “Pitt” Brown beat him to this high honor.  

Drew instead went on to study and play linebacker at Bucknell University in the Division IAA, Patriot League, now part of the FCS. He played briefly with Greg Schiano and has recently renewed his contact with the new Coaching Staff at Bucknell,  led by Head Coach, Joe Susan, who was the Offensive Line Coach at Bucknell when Drew played.  Drew has spent most of his time in New York pursuing an Acting/Writing career and recently slid into Professional Sports Analysis – Football, Tennis with a little bit of March Madness to boot!

Kurt was born and raised in Salem, Ohio. He played all of 1 year of flag-football when it became clear that golf and baseball would be more suitable sports. He went on to graduate from The Ohio State University (playing 1 season of intramural flag football there as well). He now lives in Brooklyn, NY and works as a landscape architect


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