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Last year the 5 of the 6 Wild Card Games were somewhat bland & boring, while the rest of the NFL Playoff Season was incredibly close & exciting. This year 5 of the 6 Wild Card Games were incredibly close & exciting, while the Divisional Playoff Weekend was somewhat bland & boring.

Are we headed for more bland & boring games, including the Super Bowl? Will this year be the opposite last year and mirror the College Football Playoffs with the best Semis ever followed by the worst Championship ever?

Or does the 2022 Season have a couple of good games left for the fans to watch?


The Game everyone is waiting for. Possibly THE “Game of the Playoffs” between Buffalo and Cincy. The winner could be our Super Bowl Champion in February!

SanFran vs Dallas is arguably the next most anticipated game of the weekend. Both teams looked strong in their Wild Card games.

Both games today, along with the Giants/Eagles on Saturday have a lot of history behind them.



The best team in the AFC is KC. The best team in the NFL is Philly. The Jags & Giants are coming off emotional last minute wins in their first playoff action in quite some time.

This is setting up as blowout Saturday with the good match-ups on Sunday, right? Not…So…Fast…


I think most of the fans didn’t expect so many close crazy games this weekend as many of the favorites seemed rock solid. I’ve said it all weekend – watch out!

Last year, the WC Weekend was actually pretty boring. Then all hell broke loose! So are we in for even a crazier ride this year? Will normalcy ever come back to our football lives? Is this the “new” normal.

One game to go. Monday Night Football w/ Tom Brady in Tampa Bay vs the Cowboys…this could be a super wrap to a Super WC Weekend!


Three First Year Head Coaches – 2 Young but established Head Coaches – 1 Old Vet who has won a SB.

A newer rivalry starts us off and we finish at night w/ an old rivalry on this Super WC Sunday!


Two game involving 3 young teams and 1 veteran team. A look at the Talent, Coaches, Momentum and Injuries.

Do the upstart youngsters of Seattle and Jacksonville have a chance? Will the Chargers and Herbert finally make their mark? Is SanFrancisco actually in danger of a big upset, or does the gravy train continue to roll?


I’m back with Playoff Preview Posts, but this time with a Podcast to boot! Check out my latest one – 2023 National Championship Preview Part 2 – by clicking the widget on the left.

This Post will be the watered down version of that Podcast for those who just want a quick look at the gist of what I’m saying.

For this Championship I will use one word…Magic.

Will the magic of the 2 Semifinal Playoff Games continue thru the Championship Game tonight? And if it does – is it TCU that completes a magical year or GA who stakes their claim as the next “Bama”.

Here’s a great song about Magic, from a good friend of mine. We can only know so much, the rest is left to the imagination…is it so bad…to have a little Magic?


Wow. 11+ yrs later here we are. I never thought PowerSpread would take this long to form in a way I envisioned.

What I did know was that this scheme/concept/ideal/culture – however you want to see it – would infiltrate all parts of the Football World by the time we were heading into the 2020s.

I didn’t know it would have a union of Pro+College concepts merged into one whole.. Pro PS / PS Pro. I didn’t know there would be so many intricate variations off the main theme.

But I knew it would be everywhere. Either in it’s traditional form – Spread Set w/ a Dual Threat QB – or in some combination with older style schemes and concepts.

There are many ways to implement and grow PS Concepts and now PS Culture. I will continue to follow along as the game continues to evolve.

The question for me and this site is … where do I go from here?