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Hear we go. Another year. Power Spread just continues to evolve. All 4 of these teams are full blast PS Offenses and 2 of the 4 full blast PS Defense. Those two? Alabama and Clemson. The 2 best teams in the country all year.

Dani Congdon / SI Illustrations


The above Semifinal Matchups would arguably be the best matchups with the best 4 teams in the country at THIS TIME. Georgia could easily be added to this mix. But should Notre Dame?

Venables Scheme History
  • Agg Hybrid 4-3 1Gap ZB/Man Mix (Stoops) <OU>
  • AGG 3-3 Hybrid Slash ZB Cover1 LockCB/Quarters Mix (Vic Koenning(Joe Lee Dunn)) <Clemson Early>   
  • AGG 4-3 Hybrid SlashGap1 ZB Z/M/L MIX (Stoops/Koenning/Dunn) <Clemson Later>