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The NFL doesn’t have the advanced PS Schemes of College but it’s starting to change. Even in this fractured, watered down version changes are a happenin’. Bill Belichick is the best of a conservative lot.

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No matter what happens the night of January 12, 2015, Power Spread football will have cemented itself as a lasting paradigm shift in the game of football.

By 2020 PS will have “spread” across the NFL.

By 2040 the game may not even look like the game you are watching today.

2050 – Hopefully the thoughts of Expansive Flexible Variety will bring down Lines & Barriers not only in Sport, but in the World at Large!


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Power Spread is everything we have ever seen in College Football coming together in a unified whole. It’s a work in progress. Today is a big step. Finally…

A Major College Football Playoff!

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