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Posted: July 13, 2018 in All Things Power Spread

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Network of Professional Women

“The NFL doesn’t have the advanced PS Schemes of College but it’s starting to change. Even in this fractured, watered down version changes are a happenin’. Bill Belichick is the best of a conservative lot.” This was what I wrote in my last Super Bowl Commentary 3 years ago. This is no longer the case as Power Spread is used all across the NFL now. There’s going to be even more next year!

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The Final Frontier is at hand. No matter what happens in this game, the course of NFL football, and for that matter, all of Football, is about to change forever. Power Spread is here to stay and growing fast. The NFL was the last bastion, but they are finally adopting it as well. “Times they are a Changin.”

Get ready for the rest of Football History!
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One play in the 3rd Quarter of the Vikings Playoff Game epitomized the essence of Power Spread Football on the field in terms of Offensive Scheme. This kind of schematic idea or concept is where Kurt and I first started getting our “big” ideas about the new College Offenses sprouting up in the new millennium. We never liked the term “Spread” as it really didn’t describe the full effect of what was happening. Thus the term “Power Spread”.

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