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Welcome to the 2020s. PS Pro synching up College and Pro Football for the first time in 80 yrs!

Aggressive Flexible Variety. The exploration began with Aggression early last Century. Moved into Variety in the 2nd part of that Century. Now, early in this Century Flexibility will fully be explored.

Change can be tough, but if resistance is released and the “new” embraced, it can be miraculously transformative.

Perfection found not from our limited perceptions, but from our higher selves.

Power dynamically linked to Spread.

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Mike Meredith CBS Sports
PS 2020 Here We Go!

Last year it was PS Pro. This year it is PS 2020 as we move into an era of Full PS. Of the 4 playoff Offenses, 3 are of the PS Pro variety. The only one that is a truly cutting edge PS 2020 is Clemson’s led by OC Tony Elliot.

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2020 – What a Year!

Posted: December 31, 2020 in All Things Power Spread
What to Expect in the Publishing World in 2020
The Scientist

As 2019 came to an end last year, I had written a marathon post on the Clemson/OSU Semifinal Playoff Game speaking of the age of Flexibility to come in the 2020s and the idea of Faith as an elusive but huge component in football or anything in life. I knew a lot would change fast in the game of football and game of Life, but wow – who could have foreseen all of 2020.

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Morning of Kobe Bryant’s passing at his youth event in Calabasas

There will be a halftime ceremony on the passing of Kobe Bryant. If there is one thing Power Spread is all about, it is Unity and Connectedness. It’s all that really exists, even in the face of what appears to be a continuing resistance to Truth.

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These NFL Playoffs have been dominated by two main themes in this changing Football Landscape
  1. Energy Shifts + Momentum Swings
  2. Exploration into PS Pro Schemes
    1. Offensive Variety covering a whole History of Football Strategy
    2. Defensive Response, again with old schemes innovated in new ways
    3. All blending in this Decade of Flexibility

The latter I was expecting. The former caught me off guard.

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The Energy and Momentum Shifts of these NFL Playoffs continued last Sunday. The NFC Championship may have simply been a case of the best team in the NFL throwing a knockout punch early, from which their opponent never recovered.

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How did the Chiefs and Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo slow down the Titans powerful Offense?

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Both defenses start with big 3rd Down stops! Aggressive DScheme GB. Great play by SanFran talented rookie LB Greenlaw!

Shanahan Brilliance!
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Tennessee Spread to Power!
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Chaos before Order hears the reign of Freedom

PS Pro here WE GO!

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