Posted: January 6, 2023 in All Things Power Spread

Wow. 11+ yrs later here we are. I never thought PowerSpread would take this long to form in a way I envisioned.

What I did know was that this scheme/concept/ideal/culture – however you want to see it – would infiltrate all parts of the Football World by the time we were heading into the 2020s.

I didn’t know it would have a union of Pro+College concepts merged into one whole.. Pro PS / PS Pro. I didn’t know there would be so many intricate variations off the main theme.

But I knew it would be everywhere. Either in it’s traditional form – Spread Set w/ a Dual Threat QB – or in some combination with older style schemes and concepts.

There are many ways to implement and grow PS Concepts and now PS Culture. I will continue to follow along as the game continues to evolve.

The question for me and this site is … where do I go from here?

Looking Back to Look Forward

I looked back briefly at my two previous “State of the Union Addresses”. The first was in 2011. The second and last one was in 2013. I also reviewed my one update post last year. I was surprised to find that I liked a lot of it.

I’m not happy that I wasn’t able to come through on the plans back then. But I liked what the plans were and the ideas behind them. I really meant what I said. The pieces just never came together in the way that I expected.


Like I’m seeing for the whole world – Change – is a tricky concept right now. I think we are all, in some way, going to be faced with change in this decade. I’m taking that challenge to heart. Now.

Take the best from the past to forge a new future. Without clinging to the old ways or resisting the quick evolution happening on this planet right now.

For this site I want to stick with a lot of the original concepts that still look solid in hindsight, but forge a new path forward with ideas that are executable and worth all of our time.

Building Blocks toward the Future
What is Power Spread?

This is still a question I think needs adequately answered. It’s also a concept that needs explored as the Power Spread Ideal moves from a schematic on-the-field evolution to a cultural off-the-field explosion.

The effect of this concept, Power+Spread, has roots based in a fascinating historical narrative with branches growing rapidly into a powerful cultural element.

What does this all mean?

Where might this game of Football be headed?

Where did it all come from?

It’s not easy to see where you are headed when you don’t have a clue whence you came.

PS Schemes

What do I really mean when I say Pro PS, PSAR, PS Pro, PS Mulitple, etc? Don’t assume you know. Don’t assume I don’t know. 🙂

What in god’s name is PS Defense … or a Pure PS Defensive concept played out on the field?

How do all the other schemes fit – both historically, at present, and forging forward – in this PS Landscape?

Aggressive Flexible Variety w/ a PS Balance between Order and Chaos… what does all this really mean?

What of Special Teams? The original root of the game. Soccer to Rugby: running+kicking to catching+running with the ball. Still an important element of Football that can definitely be explored in terms of Power Spread.

PS Culture

What is PS Culture and how is it effecting the overall Culture of Football?

What actually is the Culture of Football? Power and Spread have been the two synergies effecting the game since Walter Camp first starting laying down the rules. This may be the most fascinating exploration of all.

The History of the Game – how did we get from there to here? Where are we now and where are we going?

What is the larger context of this game of Football as it intersects with the bigger Cultures of State, Country and World?

A Strategic Plan

This is something I have been planning for a while. Launching a website as the main hub with all the info above plus the Teams & Coaches and the Systems they run. Organized for easy access.

One can check on any Team or Coach and get an idea of their schemes in a heartbeat.

There will be more a continued attempt to clarify what is meant by all the terms and words being used both by me and in the profession.

Video breakdowns to connect the Reality to the Concept and see how it all plays out on the field.

I will also start to delve into Team Cultures. That is only in the idea phase at the moment with more to come.

I would continue this site as it was originally intended – a cool Blog – with stories or just thoughts as they pertain to the Power Spread Landscape be it Football, other sports, or other matters.

Think of as the Main Information hub and as the Article site. I would even be open to other contributors who have an interesting take on the game to write commentary on


A work in progress throughout the 2023 year. I will work on creating the site (I already own the domain) while continuing to post on

Yes, I will actually start to post in the off-season and during the regular season as I did originally.

I may even add some College Basketball, though that will be a “wildcard” element playing out over time, to be revisited at later date.

What Happens Now?

A look at what is currently happening and what I will do throughout the rest of the Playoff Season.


So, last year I started Podcasting for the first time. I blasted out the NFL Playoff Season up and through the Super Bowl. I added a couple of College Basketball March Madness Podcasts plus one about the NFL Draft.

Bowl Podcasts

Just recently I went through all the College Football Conference Championship and Bowl Games. Podcast Previews and Reviews of all these games. Over 50!

The Championship Games have all been completed. All the Bowl Game Previews w/ some of the Reviews have been completed. (Three Previews never made it to “press” – will have those out soon!)

Off-Season Podcasts

I will finish the Bowl Reviews during the off-season as part of the bigger picture of each team heading into 2023. In other words, part of the 2023 Team Previews.

I also may add my notes that I have accumulated to make these podcasts, though I’m not sure that isn’t simply overkill. “Addition by Subtraction / Less is More” may apply here.

I also have left-over Reviews of NFL Playoff Games from last year that never made it to “press”. I may do a segment involving these old podcasts during the off-season.

NFL Playoff Podcasts – Year #2

Once again, I will be podcasting Playoff Football Previews & Reviews starting with College Football NC Game and going on through the NFL Playoffs up to the Super Bowl.

My goal is to combine these podcasts with preview posts like the ones I was doing before last year. The goal is to synch all of this together before making the leap to two Power Spread Sites.

Playoff Posts

How do I put this all together?

Playoff Game Previews

I don’t know if a Playoff Preview Post + Podcast is redundant?

It may make for a shorter podcast preview, with the heavier info reserved for the post? I also can add video breakdowns to the posts for those who want to understand the action on the field.

Playoff Game Reviews

As for Posting Reviews – again to avoid redundancy – I may do a Drive by Drive breakdown with possible videos on the post reviews. Then the Podcast will be a lighter summary of the posts.

It’s all a work in progress, but I would like to have some sort of integration amongst the Posts/Videos/Podcasts that all complement each other.

Video Breakdowns

My last Video dates back to 2020. It’s time for some new content.

College Playoffs

I still have to review the Semifinal Games and of course the upcoming National Championship.

Depending on how I post the review, I may be including some Vid Breakdowns over the weekend as we head into the NC Game Monday Night.

There are great PS Schemes going on everywhere in CFootball that deserve a further look. Especially in terms of a PS Perspective.

NFL Playoffs

Last year I tried to do some NFL vid breakdowns but just ran out of time.

Some of the coverage by NFL Commentators is frankly horrendous. Especially as it applies to the complicated Defensive Schemes being run.

I still want to make a vid about the Tampa Bay Defense vs KC from two Super Bowls ago. It was not simply a Cover 2. Not even close. Nor was it Cover 4 or any other nonsense. Todd Bowles Defense vs KC was a mix of coverages heavy in Zone Match through what I call a “Gap” Scheme. It was brilliant and still needs to be broken down properly.

I also need to get back to this whole “Double Coverage” nonsense being touted about on TV Broadcasts. Double Coverage no longer exists in it’s pure form anymore. It’s all Pattern Matching (both Zone and Man Match) + Bracket Schemes (Space based Assignments starting with Leverage).

There are commentators totally misleading the public with their ignorance and/or negligence of what’s really happening on the field. That’s a shame, because it takes away from the fan’s awareness of some REALLY COOL STUFF!

What Comes Next?

After the Playoff grind I will look at the big picture – further clarify my Vision – and work on getting the site launched before the 2023 season so I can put the Team Previews on it.

PS=st2 > Space Time Team

The equation I gave long ago to Power Spread. This can apply to anything.


I have a lot I want to cover. How much space do I devote to Football in general? Power Spread specifically?

I love the History of the game and have a ton of insight to share from a PS Perspective.

I love the Coaching links and all of their influences and philosophies both schematically and culturally.

I love seeing the Evolution of these PS Concepts. There’s 130+ teams in FBS College Football. That’s a lot of different Concepts schematically as well as Team Culture philosophies.

Add in 32 NFL Teams and the way the game is morphing the Pro & PS Ideals into a cohesive whole. The Pro/College divide that began in the 1940s is finally starting to dissipate into one cohesive football landscape.

Last, but not least, I’d love to share interesting commentary on the game of Football as it relates not only to Sport Culture, but to all Culture. I welcome the introduction of other interesting commentary or replies by other contributors.

All of this holds my interest and makes for unique content.


So this is the tricky part. For me anyway. How do I manage the Time?

This has been a work in progress for over a decade. And continues to be…

Being able to prioritize begins with a strong Vision. I believe, after 11 yrs, I have reached an executable clarity in my attempt to finally move forward.

Sometimes Time is really about Timing. In fact, it always -all ways- is about Timing. For some the Time is always now. For others the Time is never now.

For Power Spread – the QB has released the Ball and it’s right on time! Let’s get this thing rolling!!

Team / Talent

In this case – I’m the talent here. But…we all need a team. It could be the web designer, the company operating the platform, the company who provides the domain, etc.

I have accumulated a great many talented people around me since I started. Many of these talented people are either my friends or business acquaintances. I will consider every one of them as a possible resource, when the Timing presents itself, to be part of the PS Team.

PS Balance

Each individual or organization has a balance that works for them. It’s a balance between both sides of the Coin of Life… Order & Chaos. Both sides are needed. Both sides work for you.

This is something that will work itself out as I clarify and execute the Vision, building habits that create consistent action for this Site.

As Power Spread finds its Balance, I will begin to know what kind Time I have to manage and Team I have on hand in the wake of an ever widening Space of Content. It’s all a work in progress.

PS Culture

And finally we come to this. The big picture. The whole enchilada. Culture.


Again – it’s just me and the web designer at the moment. From there we will see. First things first.


This will need further thought based on the Time I want to give on a weekly basis. Again, a work in progress.

I have a strategic outline below to start. Working with that stretegic plan will lead me to how I want to build a consistent operative foundation for both Sites.


I first want to get through the playoffs. Then clean up the leftovers from the Bowl and Playoff Season.

Then look into a web design. Begin to explore the College Football Teams I have to look at and shore up the NFL Teams for the 2023 Previews.

As soon as I have a site I will begin organizing the Menu / Widgets and start filling in Team Pages.

Predictions & Promises…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in these last 11 years it’s a little phrase I was given that I adhere to daily .. DKS … Don’t Know Shit.

So no more promises or predictions. I am learning and growing like everyone else and all the above is the “plan”. Now we will see where it goes. Day by Day. Second by Second…

That’s a Wrap … for now

So that’s a lot. I wrote all of this for me as much as I wrote it for those who wondered what the heck was happening with this site. I’m sure there will be a lot of surprises along the way. Probably sooner rather than later.

But no more promises or predictions. Just a work in progress. With a goal to share this Power Spread Ideal that started a long time ago with me and another friend and has become something very powerful in my life.

Those two words really are everything when you think about it. Where it all started and where it’s all headed. The Everlasting Exertion of Existence.

Interesting, huh? Stay tuned…


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