Posted: October 16, 2011 in Buckeye News
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I just want to say that I LIKE FICKELL. He holds himself well in interviews, says all the right things and seems to understand more than just the Xs&Os of Defense.  He has the potential to be a heckuva head coach, imo – just ain’t gonna happen this year.  He’s too young and has gotten thrown into a mess!

What I hope for is that we don’t lose him as a coach. IF we end up around .500 for example or Urban Meyer wants to come to OSU, do we fire him?? Is he asked to move back to Defensive Coordinator? Would he accept the position if he were asked?  How about this – what if Urban Meyer comes to OSU, but only wants to coach a short time more – and he wants to groom Fickell to replace him? So back to DC for a time, then another shot at OSU’s head coach when he’s more ready.

A lot of thoughts I have been having – but if we loss Fickell, then this PRYOR mess knocked out two good coaches and people not just one!


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