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What’s Drew doing?

Trying to recover from his Alum, Bucknell’s, big loss to Harvard! Drew played LB for Bucknell back when Head Coach Joe Susan was the Offensive Line coach. After watching with great anticipaion, Drew must now recover for the OSU night game. MORE POWER SPREAD, COACH SUSAN


What’s Kurt doing?

Travelling back from his road trip to West Point where he watched Head Coach, Darrell Hazell’s Kent State team take on Army.  Hazell did some nice things as the former OSU WRs coach under Tressel.  Nice pic at game time by Kurt, who was unimpressed with Hazell’s offense even though Kent State had a big win.  He felt that Hazell is running a sub-standard “trick-play” type of offense at Kent State. More later…..?


What Mike’s doing?

Our resident Nebraska fan and my bro-in-law is still crying in his beer over the devastation under the OSU POWER SPREAD!  Sorry Mike, but the name of the game now is PS!  Tim Beck is a smart Coordinator, but needs to get straight on this idea.  Watch for a big article on Tim Beck and his potential as the Nebraska OC.






1ST QUARTER – Indiana to Kickoff

Just a continuation of the OSU offensive progression in schemes that started after the 1st Quarter last week. Great play action and now a lot of use of “Wingback” Corey Brown in the backfield.  Reminiscent of the old Single Wing sets at the turn of the 19th century – or better yet – the Urban Meyer sets at the turn of the 20th century.

Some miscues at the start that I expected, but a big penalty by Indiana keeps the OSU drive alive resulting in a Corey Brown TD off the “conventional” option pitch out of the Power Spread.  OSU 7-0


Nice defense on the tough Wilson offense helped by a dropped pass or two.


Again, more great play calling on their 2nd drive of the game by OSU. Mixing up the play action. Then a fantastic 3rd and 16 Read Option keeper by Miller for a 1st down!  You mean just a typical Read Option on 3rd and Long??  Why not – the defense is expecting pass, your set up in the Spread – great time to run and a great call by Herman!

BUT more miscues – a dropped pass by Devon Smith down the middle near the endzone and OSU mess settle for a FG.  OSU 10-0


Terrible play by Shazier filling the hole off a Pistol scheme and a huge TD run for Indiana!  Then more nice play calls on Offense, but dropped passes, missed reads, missed blocks. Then the first Punt of the game for OSU is blocked deep in OSU territory.  To be expected – enjoy it while you can Indiana fans.

OSU 10-7 at the end of the 1st Quarter




Almost an immediate TD run again out of the Pistol set and the OSU fans are about to lynch Fickell at this point.  HOLD YOUR FIRE!    INDIANA 14-10

Right on cue Bucknut Jimmy sends a picture mail that doesn’t make it thru. I can only guess what the picture was. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant.


More great play calling and more miscues. Completed pass, but Brown short of the 1st down marker by a yard!  CMON! No problem says UM – GO FOR IT!!  First down and the drive continues!


On 3rd and 5 the drive stalls on a debatable non-call on pass interference.  Then a shanked missed FG by Basel!  Who’s a good kicker.  More shaky special teams by a former Special Teams Coordinator in Urban Meyer.  FURIOUS.

Inspired Indiana team and a lot of miscues – again – to be expected.  Also, tough no huddle pistol schemes by Indiana.  But expect a different 2nd half.

Finally a couple of guys producing in our passive aggressive schemes on D. Freshman Noah Spence off a fake pass rush shuts down a screen pass out of Pistol play action. Then nice hidden coverage play by Roby.

More nice play calls and schemes, but its taking OSU offense some time to all get on the same page. Drive stalls at midfield.


Some nice passive aggressive, disguised non-blitzes that has totally confounded the short play action passes out of the Pistol. And all with the same personel on the field to combat the no huddle. That’s the way to combat the no huddle – mass subs in between series or once during the series. You need flexibility with athletes and with the coaching. Saban is going to eventually run into troubles with this idea. Not top defensive minds like Charlie Strong or Luke Fickell!

BLOCKED PUNT HOWARD – TOUCHDOWN ROBY!!  What goes around comes around when your AGGRESSIVE! OSU 17-14

And now some of the Aggressive in the PA schemes of Fickell. Snuffing the run. Then great man coverage by Roby!  Then big PR by Corey Brown – boy its fun to play for URBAN!  Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

PR called back on illegal block – by next year these miscues will be a thing of the past and OSU will be unstoppable. Even now the aggression continues – be ready for scoring before the end of the half!

After all the great calls and tricky play action and option running, just a simple streak down the sideline, plenty of time for Miller and perfect pass to Devin Smith for TD!  OSU 24-14

This is what can come out of the PS concept . All the field all the time. Sets up for just some simple offense – even back to Pro Sets if one so desires. But in today’s game it has to be aggressively set up by smart, consistent schemes and play calls.  TODAY EVERY TEAM HAS SPEED. EVERY TEAM HAS TALENT.It comes down to the coaching and putting the kids in the right positions -Physically – to use their speed and – Mentally – to have some fun!

More good defense by the Buckeyes to end the half.





MOVING FORWARD.  Continued progression of the schemes and play calling on both sides of the ball for OSU.  Indiana actually is playing an inspired game also – especially on defense as Wilson is really trying to develop a contender there. The problem is that OSU still has the talent edge and no longer is lacking in schematics and aggressive attitude.

Listening to DiNardo talk about miscues and mistakes reminds me of why he got fired by Indiana. Its not about mistakes anymore!  Sure, no one wants mistakes. But this can’t hold back aggressive schemes and letting your athletes play!  OSU athletes get to use their SPEED. This wasn’t always the case.

The Big 10 better wake up and quick. Wilson understands. Maybe Kill at Minnesota does also. But they are handicapped by long suffering football programs. The UME is here in the Big 10 and its real.  Be ready for more explosives in the 2nd Half!




More nice schemes by Fickell as the Indiana no huddle goes down the field. More screaming by the fans. But here’s the breakdown: 1-aggressive zone coverage by Roby on short pass in the flat.  2-Zone drop back with Safety Orien Johnson up in the 3-4 letting a pass get right thru his hands for a completion.  3- Solid coverage deep on the right sideline by Doran Grant, but never turns around and big catch by the WR. 4- Then Pass Int Penalty on Grant. 1st down near the GL.  5-Stuff run.  6- Stuff swing pass (Shazier)  7- Stuff short crossing pass (Shazier again!) – FG INDIANA 17-24

There was nothing wrong with Fickell’s schemes or calls in battling the No Huddle Pistol of Wilson. This is the same offense that racked up record yardage by Sam Bradford for Oklahoma.  Fickel’s opened up the schemes and play calling since the start of the Big 10 Schedule, but the players continue to not execute. When they do – it works!

67 yd TD run by Miller Time!  This could have been you, Terrelle!  OSU 31-17

More solid PA schemes from Fickell, this time executed by the players who stymie IU – 3&Out.

Kurt says to me: “SCREW PRYOR! I’ve moved on from that ahole.”  Drew says “But you know is true”  Kurt says “Absolutely. But Braxton isn’t a douche bag. Oddly its all working out.  Drew says “Screw Pryor, but not the 2 Championships we missed out on. In addition to the 2 or 3 before that.  IF TRESSEL HAD A REAL OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR!!” 😦

Another big run straight up the middle out of the Read Option – this time by Hyde!

Another miscue – Interception in the endzone on a bad decision by Miller.

And this time a BIG MISCUE. On 3rd&6, 76 yd TD pass to Wynn!  INDIANA 24-31

Again, poor coverage by both Klein and Shazier, but terrible deep help from Bryant!  Now, you may ask – Why the heck does Fickell have LBs on speedy Wynn!  That’s part of why the no huddle is so tough to defend. NO SUBS. But more importantly, our front 7 is showing signs of fatigue now. We had a blitz on and the pass rush was Weak&Tired giving Coffman too much time to complete the pass against our LBs.  Blame Fickell all you want, but not even Nick Saban has figured out this no huddle thing. Give credit to Wilson – one of the originators of the PS.

Good stop by IU, but another costly penalty keeps the drive alive. Can’t give an Urban team a second chance! Great PS run schemes. Runs by Smith and Miller. Then Guiton comes in for Miller and sets up what seems to be a option pitch to the right, but its the old mis-direction shuffle pass that Meyer ran at Florida. Guiton executes it perfectly and its a 14 yd TD for Hyde.  OSU 38-24

ANOTHER MISCUE – HUGE KR BY INDIANA.  After one completion almost an interception by Bryant. Reversed. FG INDIANA 27-38

Even with the huge amount of mistakes, OSU is constantly on the verge of a Big Play on Offense, Defense and Special Teams. An absolute terror and future National Champion!

Right on cue – another big run by Hyde up the gut out of the Read Option! The POWER in the Power Spread!

Almost more disaster as Smith puts the ball on the ground. OSU lucky to get it back. Meyer  has gotten his Aggressive Schemes in place in all phases of the game. But its been a lot and it will take a year for this all to become habit week in and week out. OSU needs to get use to this new brand of AGRESSIVE FOOTBALL!  SCORING AND SCORING AND WIPING TEAMS OUT WEEK IN/WEEK OUT.

We almost had it before – during the Woody Hayes days!  Think I’m wrong? Ever hear of the LONESOME POLECAT?  Coming soon on Power Spread – the man who almost turned Woody Hayes offense into a passing frenzied scoring machine in the late 60s!




QUICK SNAP RIGHT OFF THE FIRST TICK AND 21 YDS TO THE RUN BY HYDE!  HERMAN FOOLING WITH THE TIME! This is the same thing USC’s Steve Sarkasian repeatedly did to us in 2008. It’s the game I analyzed and recorded notes on EVERY SINGLE PLAY. It made me realize how important schemes were and it led me to all the schemes and the PS. I will put on the Power Spread in the near future.

1 Yd run Hyde. THE POWER IN POWER SPREAD!  OSU 45-27

Wilson’s hurry up and our quick scores are wearing this defense out. A couple of 3rd down conversions and down the field again goes Indiana. More complaints about Fickell from the Buckeye unfaithful. INDIANA 34-45

The age of MASS SUBSTITUTION is at hand. It’s really the only way to battle the Full Game No Huddle. 80 players contributing in a Full Team effort every game!

Pass to Brown. 2 Miller runs. 46 yd pass to Smith! Crossing pattern, start and stop moves back to the sideline and TD. OSU 52-34

THE POWER SPREAD LETS YOUR ATHLETES PLAYS!  TAKE OFF THE SHACKLES. That’s all Tressel needed to do.  This is no more speed than any other Tressel team of the last decade. Totally different attitude and scheme.  Look at the mistakes. But more importantly, look at all the big plays.

With so many plays due to the hurry up offense games now last 4 hours instead of 3.

The one fault I will put on Fickell is that with a team running the Full Game No Huddle you MUST SUBSTITUTE MORE. He’s substituted some. Not enough. The thing is that he’s moved Boren to LB. Moved Johnson up to LB in a lot of sets. I’m not sure the injury situation, but I know its not good. So this isn’t all Fickell’s fault. But with this many plays in a game – twice the normal amount in a conventional offense – you must substitute.

But in the end this is a great tribute to the the man who first taught Urban Meyer the Read Option. He did it at Northwestern, Oklahoma and he will do it at Indiana. There WILL BE OFFENSE IN INDIANA.






And the beat goes on.  For those who don’t understand – this is no more talented a team than any Tressel team of the past decade. In fact, this would have been one of Tressel’s least talented, least experienced teams. The teams of 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010 were all significantly more talented than this team. This team is no faster, talented, experienced and is in major transition with a whole new coaching staff for the first time in over a decade. Yet it is now 7-0.

Now I know its a weak Big 10 this year and the defense is giving up a load of points. But we have actually played pretty darn bad for 7 weeks now. That includes Braxton Miller who has made a ton of mistakes along with the rest of the team.

But this shows you the real POWER behind the power spread. It’s not Carlos Hyde, though he’s been possibly the MVP of the team this year. But it’s aggressive utilization of every part of the field, every player on the field and even all the Time available in the game. ABSOLUTE BALANCE. POWER + SPREAD. Neither without the other and never settling until the last whistle is blown.  This is going to win us a National Championship!

Urban Meyer and the Power Spread.


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