Week 12 Live Commentary: Ohio State at Wisconsin

Posted: November 17, 2012 in UME 2012


What’s Drew doing
There’s still too much tennis for the Tennis Crier! As you can see it’s the 100th Davis Cup Final. What’s Davis Cup you ask? It’s Team Tennis. And before you laugh, check it out. It’s got more drama than you would think,  the crazy crowds (think soccer crowds) and the Global Culture Clash. Almost all countries compete throughout the year and there is a ton of strategy, from what venue to play in, what surface and ball to use and who to play in what match-ups. It’s the Glory and the Fall! 
As I try desperately to switch personalities over to PS Man for the Big Game today, check out the pic to the right! The player in the red shirt is OSU Tennis Sophomore Blaz Rola. This Slovenian is going to be the best player ever to put on a Buckeye uniform – as long as he doesn’t leave too early. Here he is in Marbella, Spain playing an ATP Challenger event. Rola is a tall lefty with a lot of game. He choked in this, his first Semi Final of his career, against seasoned vet Daniel Munoz de la Nava of Madrid, Spain. But he’s going to be a good one!
What’s Kurt doing?
Kurt’s at the game!  He left his PS bud behind!  Kurt will be providing details and inside info on the intensity of an Ohio State fan stuck in the middle of a bunch of Badgers!
What’s Mike doing?
He has his own living nightmare working for a digital wireless company with Black Friday looming like the Plague! I don’t know if you know this Mike… BUT NEBRASKA HASN’T LOST A GAME SINCE OHIO STATE! It’s not Martinez. It’s the Power Spread!  🙂


DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THIS COMMENTARY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME TO YOU LIVE. BUT STAY TUNED FOR POST GAME COMMENTARY FROM START TO FINISH OF THE ENTIRE BIG 10 AFFAIR! *We will still include all live commentary from the stadium by Kurt and all the great insight into the continuing saga that is the UME!..
11/19 WE’RE    BACK     LIVE!      (even if the game isn’t)   
………………………….*Change of plans!*……………………………
Please forward to the post, BACK TO THE FUTURE and stay tuned for follow up breakdowns of this game – Quarter by Quarter. 

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