The Drive – Wisconsin at OSU

Posted: November 24, 2012 in UME 2012

1ST QUARTER – 1st Possession 

KRBig KR by Wisconsin to start. Meyer likes to innovate and utilize all the space aggressively (PS) in his SpTeams. The KO team usually lines up on half the field to try to peg the KR into a corner. Seems like a good idea, but we continue to give up at least 1 big return a week. This formation also makes for less space, helping the KR blocking up front. Without further analysis it’s tough to see whether this is a scheme or player issue. Or both.

WISC1 – CB Howard 2 mistakes in 3 plays. The second was a completely undisiplined over aggressive jump on a stop+go by the receiver. Thank goodness for two bad throws by QB Phillips and good pressure by DEs Simon, then Williams.


OSU1 – FINALLY, the coaches feel confident enough to really come out aggressive with our offense right from the word go! Running a Standard/Hurry up No Huddle, where some of the players were off in 10s, others in 20s. But definitely more aggressive. Miller overthrew an open Philly Brown for a 1st down on 2nd. But a Counter Right on 1st and QB Draw on 3rd – both Miller runs – got the 1st down anyway.

*The Buckeyes hurry up even had me on my heels. Combined with the terrible replay quality from ESPN3 I somehow missed a play in my first analysis.(I’m using a YouTube replay now!) Trips left. Play Action Read Option WR Screen to Devin Smith. Again, OSU is mixing in the pass early on much more now. Great stuff. Combined with the early hurry up the Badgers are completely on their heels. There’s also two new #6’s on the field for OSU this week as WR Evan Spencer changes from #16 and joins Sabino as #6.

Now we are on the right page as this next play took place at 2nd+4, not 1st+10. Same result – 1st down. Another hurry up and our first look at the Spread T set. Miller runs a Power Sweep Right to the weak side behind great blocks from RBs #34 Carlos Hyde and #2 Rod Smith for another good gain. Wisconsin going with a 5th DB and not a hybrid LB/DB is hurting them in the run game.

Another play action pass to DSmith. Most of the Wisc defense committed to the run right up the gut, while Miller calmly hit a wide open Devin Smith on a simple hitch for another 1st Down. More 1st down mixing in of the pass. GREAT GAME PLAN TO START BY HERMAN AND THE BUCKS!

AHHH!! Stonebrunner open for a TD and a not so good pass, followed by a worse attempt at catching the ball! Sun in the eyes? Maybe. But an absolutely brilliant play by Meyer/Herman. Trips right to the short side of the field with fantastic route design. Not only is there play action on the play, but also a pump fake! The outside Trips WR runs a deep post while the inside WR runs a quick out. The middle guy runs a stop+go off the quick out , waiting for the deep wr to clear. The middle guy was Stonebrunner. Concerned with the run, the deep wr and the short wr – there was no one between him and the end zone.

*Ahh – not only did Stonebrunner miss the catch – I missed the call. Again, the ESPN replay was so bad it was like I was reviewing the play in a blizzard! It was actually more brilliant than I originally thought! Herman’s a genius! So simple, yet so effective. Stonebrunner did more than a Stop+Go. He was running a FAKE BLOCK+GO FOR THE WR SCREEN! This sucked up the Slot DB and froze the LB. Also, the CB took off with the deep WR double coverage with the S. THERE WAS NO ONE ON STONEBRUNNER RUNNING DOWN THE SIDELINE! Genius. Of course we screwed it up – Miller threw late and behind and the sun seemed to bother Stonebrunner as the ball went threw his hands while he was turning into the sun.

Now Slotback Philly Brown motions to join Miller and Hyde in the backfield to form another Spread T look and gets the handoff for another Power Sweep right to the weak side of the field. This time Wisconsin wasn’t fooled – 3 yds. 3rd+7 and a TO by Wisc who at this point is thoroughly confused by the Power Spread.

What a difference breaking down the Meyer/Herman Offense compared to the Bolman/Tressel debacles since 2008.

OSU now spreads the field very wide with Trips left and Stack right. Empty backfield. But Wisconsin counters with 5 on the line and 6 in the box – man coverage outside. Unfortunately the call was QB Draw apparently with no audible!? Obviously the Defensive scheme dictated we throw wide and we already had the field Spread for it.

*Interesting note was no lineman had their hand in the dirt. All 5 were standing up in a 2pt stance. I’ve seen this for a couple of years now – even in the NFL – and it’s a great way to deceive and counter the PS with PS on defense in the form of a Passive Aggressive Scheme! Good call for Wisconsin and wise Timeout.

OSU must punt and again early mistakes cost us big. Our incredible schemes, gameplan and aggression in both Space (2D/3D) and Time would have resulted in a TD without the big mistake with Stonebrunner. But still some good things and a good way to start on the road against a top team.


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