Week 2 Game Preview: San Diego State at OSU

Posted: September 6, 2013 in UME 2013
SDST 0-1    OSU 1-0
Possibly. For now. As I said in the 2013 Preview, the talented senior laden Aztecs would need time to adjust to new schemes on Offense. This doesn’t help the Defense. Neither does the over aggressive schemes of one time Guru Rocky Long. Add in Kicking problems and a team returning 15 Starters is suddenly reeling to start the year.
Like Rocky Balboa – Rocky Long’s kids won’t stay down for long. The schedule later in the year is very manageable and even with old school schemes, the talent, experience and Long’s ability to motivate should see the Aztecs to their 4th straight Bowl. For now – against a top notch PS Team like OSU – this won’t be close. Not even competitive like Buffalo last week. Long has already said that the goal this game is to organize for the start of the Conference schedule – not worry about trying to win this game. Scary.
 3 main Issues from last week:
1- Eliminate mistakes CHECK
Yes, I know… we made a couple of big mistakes, but overall I was very pleased. Especially for the first game of the year. Nothing like the mistake filled Saturdays of last year. The PS philosophy is so strong that mistakes are less important than aggression and variety. If we play the way we did last week, through the rest of the year, then we have a very solid chance at an undefeated regular season.
2- Defense CHECK
Again – some defensive lapses, but also again – I’m pleased. Buffalo’s QB was a little better than I expected. They are well coached with good schemes. A lot of the scoring was more about Buffalo’s top notch MAC Defense, rather than our Defense screwing up. 
My only concern still is our letdowns when we get big leads. Not just the energy of the players, but the passivity of the schemes once we get ahead. Must stay aggressive – always. It’s human nature to let down with big leads, but the way to combat that is PLAY MORE PLAYERS. What kind of experience is it for a starter to let down during a blowout? Get the 2nd stringer who will be excited for the playing time some “Good” experience. Just a thought..
3- Braxton Miller and the Tempo NOT YET
Not enough variety. The first Series or two was fantastic – Frantic Tempo. Great execution and leadership by all involved. Frantic Tempo = a play every 10-15 secs. This is not easy. I was thrilled early.
After that, though, there was basically a flat no huddle – no variety. Then with a big lead not only did we get conservative with the Time, we got conservative with the Space (sets, schemes, play calling). Tom Herman was honest enough to admit as much. We need to keep the aggression and variety no matter the score. If there’s a let down with the players then get the next wave of talent in there. There’s no time to learn like the Present!
I wanted to add something about the Heat issues that caused a lot of cramping and what seemed to be lethargic Buckeyes the 2nd half. A lot of the talk this week was about what the trainers can do to help prevent cramping. How about using our depth?? Meyer talks a lot about all our speed and talent in the depth chart. Let’s see it! This wasn’t Michigan. I really don’t think using our 2nd and 3rd string would have made the outcome any closer. Possibly the fresh, excited bodies would have kept the blowout going. 
Of course the worry is that the backups could make major mistakes and blow the game, but we made mistakes anyway. The other line of thought is the starters need as much game experience as they can get. That’s a better argument, but PS football is all about using everything in Space, Time and Team. Regardless, I am somewhat disappointed I didn’t see more players get on the field on a hot day against a MAC school.


This should get out of hand early. SDST has a lot to work out and won’t surprise us like Buffalo. The question is how aggressive are we going to stay on another warm day. I think we will stay more aggressive in schemes and in the use of our depth this week.  
Buckeyes in a rout. 52-10. 

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