JEFF TEDFORD – Changing Stripes

Posted: December 25, 2017 in All Things Power Spread

I was so surprised to see Fresno’s Spread Offense last night after what I knew of Tedford’s past and the OC Kalen DeBoer.

  • TEDFORD – I knew Tedford was a top notch OC in his day, but like Mike Bellotti it was a Gillman/Walsh Style 2Back Pro Pass scheme, though Bellotti was already starting to move to the Spread before he retired. I had forgotten that Tedford also started to move to spread hiring Marcus Arroyo (power/pro version of PSAR) his last yrs. It was a fractured mix of spread option/ pro pass.
  • DEBOER – Deboer was a long time Sioux Falls player, asst then HC. OC at SIllinois then EMichigan under Chris Creighton. DeBoer described himself as a 100% Personnel guy – heavy sets or spread depending. So some schemeless multiple guy which usually means some sort of Pro PS or Spread Power. I also read some comments from people who supposedly followed him saying he’s a pro style guy – completely erroneous now that I looked further.
  • SIOUX FALLS – After last night I decided to go back to the source and found this great article. Cool recap of Bob Young leading this program to great heights, but for a quick read jump down to Making of a Champion. Young always ran a option run heavy offense, but changed to Spread in 1995. DeBoer was a WR on that team – caught 99 passes one year. Sioux Falls was a Spread Team of which DeBoer coached for many years. Because he also had early Option Run background the Power Spread is a perfect fit for his ideals.
  • JAE WOO SIM – This is the mystery man. Coach Young “asked Jae Woo to come back and coach the offense”?? I have googled like crazy – no idea who this is except he obviously instituted some sort of “spread” scheme in 1995… could be R&S, AR, WC/Gillman based or possibly  RRod/Manny stuff-  who knows. I am contacting someone about Bob Young’s contact info – would love to know where they got the spread.
  • CHRIS CREIGHTON – Last piece is the EMU coach. He ran a type of “jerry kill” PS with some pro sets prior to EMU. He coached at Ottowa KS when Manny Matsakis, then Kill were at Emporia St. Kill got his stuff from Manny Matsakis. So Creighton’s PS ideas may have had some influence on the pass spread of DeBoer. A smoother more balanced way to Power up the Spread!
  • ORLONDO STEINAUER – Finally – back to Tedford. Not only did he go with a Power Spread OC (DeBoer/Creighton went to more Tempo in 2016 at EMU) he went with a PS DC as well. Only know this guy from CFL – he runs Multiple D which nowadays means a 4-3 hybrid 3-3. Probably mixing more from the back than front – in other words – coverage mix , not much blitz.
  • From what I saw yesterday – nope – this guy REALLY MIXES! Aggressive Flexible Variety. More of a 2-4 Mix which is what I said 3 yrs ago would become the present standard followed very soon by 2-5 – the D of the 2020s.  This guy is cutting edge.
  • WOW – So an incredible transformation by Tedford.  He talks a lot about Culture – but listen closely – Evaluation, Teaching, and hidden in the coach speak – Scheme.. Talent,Technique,Scheme = TeamTimeSpace – reverse the order -PS = st ².  Though both Coordinators talked a lot of basing their schemes around the Talent and teaching fundamentals, I believe their “schemes” came first – then the teaching with the talent on hand which all leads to the type of recruiting. All with a great flexibility. AggressiveFlexibleVariety = PS 2020 = a quick turn around on this team = a bunch of super fired up players on the field.
  • FIRED UP PLAYERS – The end result of PS is players ranked 300+ at their position out of HS playing like Bama #1 recruits. I was so shocked by the quality of play yesterday I looked up the Fresno players in Phil Steele to see their Recruiting #s and just couldn’t believe it. A recruit higher than #200 was hard to find!
  • This is what PS thinking can do! Now the hard part – evolution. Lets see how much Tedford and his staff really understand this concept going forward.

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