PRO PS WELCOME TO THE NFL – Championship Sunday

Posted: January 21, 2018 in All Things Power Spread

Now that Power Spread has found its way into the NFL, I will be taking a look at the NFL Playoffs from a PS Perspective 


Jacksonville Jaguars


As I said the last couple of weeks, this team is largely former coach Gus Bradley’s creation. The rest of the staff was kept in place and has done a great job.

While the Steeler’s did not come to play last week, the Jags deserve a ton of credit for coming to Pittsburgh fired up and ready to go! The Offensive scheme + play calling was fantastic. Tons of misdirection/play-action using QB Blake Bortles’ legs while minimizing his reads – perfect ProPS Football.

The offense thankfully didn’t let their foot off the gas, because the defense most decidedly did. It didn’t look like it because the Steelers were so flat, but Jacksonville didn’t did nothing aggressive, scheme wise, after a 14-0 lead.  A 4 man rush was all Jacksonville needed against the sluggish Oline of the Steelers. A ridiculous Cover 4 Prevent Defense with zero mix of blitz or coverages got burned repeatedly by Big Ben, who was also very flat, but could beat this type of defense in his sleep!

If Jacksonville grabs a big lead and pulls this crap versus New England they will get killed. The question is whether they even get a big lead.


Again, just a great gameplan by OC Nathaniel Hackett. Bortles was nervous the Wildcard week but not last week.

I figured the Jags would spread early to open up inside Power. I was partially right. They didn’t spread with formation, but with play-action passing. Then the power game was there for the taking. A couple of deep throws to keep the field stretched vertically, but mostly horizontal passing and power runs up the gut. Of course, Bortles used his legs when needed. The Steelers were sluggish all game – they run a good mix – but schemes are worthless if players don’t come to play.


A fast, talented aggressive D….when DC Todd Wash mixes his schemes, which he didn’t do after a 14-0 lead. The players saved his butt – especially on Offense. If I’m blaming the wrong guy and this decision was the HC Doug Marrone, then my apologies, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Wash. His background with Bradley is Pete Carroll – who liked to run a hybrid Tampa 2 Defense – very execution oriented, depending on players, but not aggressive enough in today’s Power Spread world of football.

I expect Wash will go back to the aggressive mix this Sunday that made the Jags one of the best Defenses in football this year. I also don’t expect them to have a big lead either. Strangely enough, this will help their Defense.

The one bad note – Brady could rip apart their blitz  – which would make Wash get conservative again. BUT…Brady may also get confused by some of the coverage mix and sneaky blitzes – which would make Wash get even more aggressive. Will be an interesting “cat and mouse” game.


New England Patriots


Last week was the best I’ve seen from Brady and the Patriots Offense in the 2 years I’ve been analyzing them. Finally Brady is looking “Space” first, “Personnel” second. Very hard switch in concept for an old All Pro QB. Led to a lot of arguments – it seems – between him and OC Josh McDaniels throughout the year. None of that appeared on Saturday. The Pats got behind by a TD then immediately went No Huddle Attack with clinical efficiency. The game was over in no time. Unlike the Steeler’s, the Pats came ready to play. Were pushed. Then attacked. Game over.


The big question this week…will Brady and McDaniels continue to get along? More importantly, will Brady continue to explore Space, rather than lock on to TE Rob Gronkowski or other players and obsess with matchups. Jacksonville has a tricky coverage mix when they use it. If Brady locks on too long and thinks only in terms of matchups, then he could make some big mistakes like he did in last year’s playoffs.

I can only go by what I see. Last week I saw a great OC and QB on the same page. No Huddle – Power Spread. I expect more the same unless Brady’s thumb injury is worse than what everyone’s saying. Even then, I feel Brian Hoyer will actually fit well in McDaniel’s scheme and prove much better in his second stint at the playoffs.


The Defense has gradually improved all year. Both in scheme and play. Bill Belichick forced a more aggressive man coverage mix after the first couple of games. He and DC Mike Patricia started mixing more subtle scheme tweaks throughout the rest of the year.

Last week they even added their own form of Play-Action Defense, having the LBs show coverage – actually committing to a strong first move to pass defense – then racing in on a blitz. The opposite is usually the case with most teams. They will have their defenders make an initial blitz move then race back in coverage. I haven’t seen such pronounced “fake coverage” moves like this before. At least in the NFL.

The Defense is hitting its stride and now the Offense is as well. Scary. The Offense is more of a question mark because of what I described above, but the Defense is not. Expect a good gameplan that will test Jags QB Blake Bortles. Plus expect the players to show up and not be looking ahead to the Super Bowl. Hard to predict off the field happenings in the NFL, but I don’t expect Belichick will let that happen.


Minnesota Vikings


Like most of the surprise teams this year in the NFL, the Vikings are for real. They have a good HC who’s very good with Defensive Schemes and an OC who runs a top-notch Pro PS scheme. Oh yeah, they also have talent.

That being said, they were lucky last week. The Saints have genius offensive Pro PS schemes this year with Sean Payton and an improved DC in Dennis Allen. They also have talent but were the most injured team in the playoffs – by far. They also were flat early in the game last week after their big win versus Carolina.

Still, the Saints dominated the 2nd Half and really should have won. Minnesota’s last 2 drives were the result of desperation throws. The first set up a FG. The second was incomplete – almost pass interference. The third was one of the most unlikely LAST PLAY OF THE GAME  TOUCHDOWN PASSES you will ever see.

In the end the Vikings, like the Jaguars earlier in the day, were fired up and raring to go! Unlike the Jags opponent, the Saints actually woke up in the 2nd Half,  but the Vikings were at home and with a raucous crowd behind them pulled off a miracle.

They may need another one this Sunday in Philadelphia.


Pat Shurmur is a long time West Coast guru who learned Power Spread from coaching under Chip Kelly – at all places – Philadelphia before Pederson showed up. He had one year with Norv Turner’s unique “work in progress” Pro PS with Minnesota before taking over the reigns full-time this year.

Shurmur has done a great job synthesizing his West Coast Concepts with the Power Spread. Like all good Pro PS teams there is a lot of misdirection and play-action variety. Simple aggression.

QB Case Keenum is great for this system. He played under the developing PSAR eight years ago when Kevin Sumlin and PSAR creator Dana Holgerson were implementing Art Briles brilliant designs at Houston with their teachings from the great Mike Leach at Texas Tech. Power Spread + Air Raid = PSAR. Keenum has the pass spread skills + legs for any kind of PS Offense.

This Offense is good, but can be handled and possibly destroyed. I explain below.


Top notch Defense both schematically and talent wise. Zimmer likes to mix coverages – especially using his Safeties – and surprise blitz. The blitz disguise is excellent and fooled even the great Drew Brees at times during last week’s game. His safeties are not the most talented physically, but they are very smart. A prerequisite for a Zimmer coached Defense. They will show one coverage look then switch to another post-snap – destroying any pre-snap reads. QBs must be good at reading post snap coverages to beat the Vikings Pass Defense.

Their Linebacking duo of Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks is fast and physical. Their DLine has great speed off the edges, but like so many PS Defenses of today are a little light in the middle. So they can be pounded, ONLY if they are spread first.


Philadelphia Eagles


As I said in my Preview before the Eagles playoff game with Atlanta, Doug Pederson’s aggressive schemes can overcome the inexperience of his team. That turned out to be exactly right!

As much as I rant and rave – mostly to deaf ears – about the incredible job Pederson has done as a Head Coach, QB Coach, and Offensive Coordinator (along with Frank Reich), I continue to underrate him. Last Sunday he took his Scheme Concepts and Play Calling to another level.

I don’t want to lose sight of the contributions of Reich, but this is yet another example of why I feel Pederson is the best Head Coach in football right now. He has the unique ability to delegate when needed – yet still be involved. Maybe a coach like Urban Meyer, along with many others, could set up an interview and learn something from this guy.

There is no way I can quickly explain all the Eagles did with its Offensive scheme last week to save a very nervous team and in particular very nervous fans from imminent disaster.  My goal this offseason is to produce some YouTube videos to show the simple brilliance of Pederson’s schemes throughout this year. He has taken the best of Andy Reid’s genius and used it in a simple aggressive manner –  – at all times!

As for the Eagle Defense – they were also nervous early, but like the offense, came on late. Especially when DC Jim Schwartz got more aggressive in the 2nd Half. It helped that Dan Quinn horribly interfered with Steve Sarkisian and the Offense all year long. Sarkisian made adjustments every step of the way – but it was tough! Matt Ryan struggled with the “fracture” in philosophies and also with the concept of Space over Personnel – a concept infused in Sarkisian’s schemes.

The Falcon’s Offensive mishaps will most likely be another series of YouTube vids – but the bottom line is that the Eagles Defense, while it played well, definitely benefitted from the Falcon’s struggles. The Eagles will not have that luxury from their opponent this week.


As I said last week, Nick Foles is a better Spread Pass QB than Carson Wentz at this time. He makes quicker reads and has a quicker release. Of course, Pederson knows this and used a lot more Spread last Sunday versus the Falcons. He will continue this against the Vikings.

The question is what schemes and play calling will come out of these spread formations. There is a lot an offense can do from a spread set and Pederson showed great variety and timing last week.

Early the Eagles were Spread to Run. Powering between the tackles out of Spread Sets with Jay Ajayi. Power Spread. Pederson kept the schemes a bit more conservative due to his offense’s recent bad play and his team’s overall playoff inexperience. With that being said, there were still many ways Pederson’s Offense stayed creative and aggressive.

The run blocking schemes were innovative and creative, I will  do a YouTube video on some of this in the off-season, but Oline coach Jeff Stoutland, along with Pederon, utilized space beautifully with their Zone Blocking and Pin&Pull Schemes. What this does is create great leverage for the Oline. A big reason these guys had such a good year and really were the stars of the offense as much as any of the WRs,RBs or QBs.

After some power runs out of spread sets, Pederson began to fake the runs and throw simple, but tricky Screen Passes. Finally, he went away from Spread and showed a Power Heavy Formation to set up….a pass! A couple more Spread plays, then the second Power Set and this time he ran….BUT… he ran a stretch play to the OUTSIDE….with big power back LeGarrette Blount!! Touchdown. The Falcons were loaded up in the middle and had no chance.

  • Spread Sets for Power Runs
  • Spread Sets for Play-Action Screen Passes
  • Power Set for Spread Pass
  • Power Set for Spread Run

This is absolute simplicity of perfection in Power Spread Aggressive Variety. Show Spread – play power. Show Power – play spread, be it run or pass. A lot of this is what coaches call Breaking Tendency.

There was a 4th Quarter Drive where the Eagles exemplified this beautifully. Within 5 plays the Eagles ran a beautiful play action screen pass left on one 3rd down play, showed the same action as a “decoy” on the next 3rd down, then used the same motion by the WR on the very next play to run a quick touch pass sweep right with that same WR. Left Flat, Left Post, Right Sweep with a lot of the same Space, Time and Team – all the while maximizing player strengths, utilizing beneficial matchups and timely use of a decoy. I detail this drive in a simple understandable way here.

Besides his unbelievable job as a Head Coach and QB teacher, Pederson has done an absolutely amazing job with schemes. Blocking Schemes, Route Designs, Play Calling, QB pass or power spreads – all while morphing his strategy to the talents of his players. This eludes the fans – it has to unless they break down the film and know what to look for – but THIS is why the Eagles are one game away from the Super Bowl! Before any player or front office management, Doug Pederson is the #1 reason the Eagles are in this position.


Not as brilliant as Pederson’s offense, but Schwartz does a really nice job of mixing an aggressive 4-4 Cover 1/Man Under with blitz/coverage mixes. Getting CB Ronald Darby back late in the year has really helped the Eagles. Schwartz was more conservative in the 1st Half of last week’s game as he tried to get a handle on Steve Sarkisian’s game plan for the Falcons. He also was protecting the fragile nerves of the young Eagles. Protecting against the big play.

Schwartz let the Defense fly much more in the 2nd Half with great results. The experienced, talented Offense of the Falcons almost pulled off the win, but the Eagles aggression, talent and some issues between OC and HC for the Falcons gave Philly Fans an “undeserved” win!  Hopefully there will be much more support in the stadium for Foles and the whole team this Sunday.


PS Mess + Playoff Inexperience + EMOTIONS!!?


While the PS Mess is all over football at every level, there are even more unpredictable factors in the NFL. Playoff Inexperience on the biggest stage in football – the NFL Playoffs – is big. In addition, I’m quickly finding out that the emotional ups and downs of an NFL team are bigger still!

I didn’t start analyzing the NFL until a couple of years ago. College Teams generally play hard unless they are being destroyed on the field. Or if they are up against the enormous  talent at Alabama (ridiculous disparity). NFL Teams – who knows!!??

I noticed rather quickly that at the end of the NFL Regular Season there are a gamut of emotional levels. Teams are stressed, excited, depressed, distracted, flat, etc. This happens throughout the year, but on a smaller scale. It’s exaggerated as the Regular Season comes to an end and teams are ready to go home or go into the playoffs. IN  the playoffs, I expected every team would be fired up. Right? It’s the playoffs!! I was wrong.

In my 10+ years of covering Football, Tennis and Basketball on a professional level – what I saw Sunday by the Pittsburgh Steelers baffled me like nothing else I’ve seen. The most successful franchise in the NFL over the last 40 years simply didn’t come to play. This had nothing to do with Scheme, Talent or Experience. For that matter it wasn’t about On-field coaching or technique. This was an internal, off the field issue that exploded on Sunday and imploded within the Team.

As time goes by, the problems will surface publicly for the Steelers, but this isn’t a one team issue. The NFL is so big and creates such big business that the issues off the field are huge! At first glance, these types of issues are somewhat inconceivable to a college football analyst. I’m catching on fast though.

So I started with a PS Mess – in all of football. Added in Playoff Inexperience – big in the NFL, but a factor everywhere again. NOW,  I realize that the emotional level of any team can implode at any time. Playoffs or meaningless games – you just never know in the NFL. Whew! Good luck to all the bettors out there!

List of ridiculousness

It’s been a wild and wacky NFL Season and the playoffs have followed suit. Here’s a bullet list of all the zaniness we have seen so far in this year’s playoffs.

  • 7 out of 8 games have been close. The one blowout was by a team that was down 0-7 to start. Unpredictability every step of the way.
    • The Ram’s inexperience destroyed them, though they fought to have a chance at the end.
    • Tennessee’s inexperience destroyed them the same….for 3 out of 4 halves of Football. One good half = 1 big win.
    • The Saint’s played 3 out of 4 great halves – opposite of Tennessee –  only to end up the same – 1 big win.
    • The Falcon’s experience and talent couldn’t overcome a HC/OC/QB fracture on Offense – BARELY!
    • Jacksonville looked bad in beating a weak Buffalo team then killed the Steelers!?
    • Except that they didn’t kill them because they went to prevent Defense at 14-0!???
    • The Vikings got conservative and almost blew a big 2nd Half lead. Then they won on 2 desperation passes on the last 2 drives!!!
  • QB Brady is suddenly buying in to OC McDaniels spread concepts – predictable – but why did it take him so long!??
  • The “loyal” Eagle Fans are showing loyalty to only ONE player. An injured QB. Yet Pederson’s TEAM overcame all!
  • The most storied franchise in the last 40 years DIDN’T SHOW UP TO PLAY A PLAYOFF GAME!!?????
  • Andy Reid got conservative again – SHOCKING PREDICTABILITY amongst a sea of unpredictability!
Super Bowl 52

My original SB Pick was Saints upsetting the Steelers. I thought that was a pretty wacky call for a wacky football season. Maybe it was too wacky. My 2nd pick was the best team in the regular season – Philadelphia – versus the best team in the last 20 years – New England. Last year I thought Dallas could win it all versus New England, but they were ousted in a fluky close playoff game. Philly almost was as well. They got through it. Maybe they complete a great regular season the way Dallas did not – with a SB appearance and possible win!

In the end I look for more sanity this weekend and two blowout games against teams coming off HUGE victories last week. Of course – Jacksonville vs Minnesota would be the fitter ending to this crazy season. In that case, it will be crazy close games with crazy last second wins once again. Too many variables against this though. Probability is for two blowouts and a Pats/Eagles Super Bowl!


Jacksonville at New England

New England. Plain and simple.

Jacksonville is flying high and I don’t think inexperience will hurt them early. But if the game is close late – that’s when the Pat’s experience will come into effect.

The bigger problem for Jacksonville is a letdown off a huge win in Pittsburgh. Plus some fatigue as well. They don’t play many players – they are not that deep. If New England goes No Huddle Tempo, which I expect they will, this could wear down that Defense.

The only problems for New England would be a falling out again between Brady and McDaniels, but I don’t see that either. I definitely don’t see a great experienced franchise not showing up to play as we saw from the Jaguar’s Opponent last week. But who knows- it’s the NFL.

As long as the Jags don’t have a big lead, the DScheme will stay aggressive for the Jags and give up a lot fewer points and yards than they did in Pittsburgh. The problem will be the Offense scoring points.

I think the Jags Offense can move the ball with Hackett’s nice ProPS scheme, but a fired up NE Defense with a tricky blitz mix will keep Touchdowns to a minimum. I feel the Pat’s D has something to prove. Even if they give up yards early they will be tough in the redzone.  The Jags will start to press. Over try. Possibly implode with mistakes.

Any sort of bad letdown by the Jags and this game will be over before it begins. No letdown, then it will be close for a while, but not the whole game. The Jags one chance is playing fired up again for 60 minutes and New England struggling with their Offense or some unforeseen circumstance like we saw in Pittsburgh last week.  Possibly Brady’s thumb or the Pat’s looking ahead to the Super Bowl?

If the Jags continue to play the “disrespect” card and keep angry, then maintain that energy for 60 minutes, they will have a shot at another big upset. Even in a close game though, I expect the Pats to come through. Especially if it comes down to the great play calling of McDaniels and experience of Brady. Unless New England doesn’t show up like Pittsburgh, I don’t see them losing this game.

Minnesota  at Philadelphia

Minnesota is a very good team. Talent on D like the Falcons, but with a better overall scheme under Zimmer. Not the same talent as the Falcons on Offense, but unlike Quinn, Zimmer doesn’t interfere with Shurmur’s top-notch ProPS scheme. The Vikings have been on the same page – players and coaches – all year long. And very effective.

The Saints also run a top ProPS scheme under Offensive Mastermind Sean Payton and QB Drew Brees. If the Saints couldn’t get it done,  how does Pederson and Foles have any chance?? Add in the fearful Philly Fanbase and this looks like too tough a task. The fans are hoping for another close win in a low scoring defensive battle.

But what if…Eagles fans….we all have underestimated Pederson again? What if Foles and the Offense blow up and score a ton of points in an absolute blow out of Minnesota?

Here’s how this could happen…

  • If the Minnesota Defense runs better schemes than Atlanta, then how are the Eagles going to score more points?
    • First, the Eagles now have some playoff experience and stopped their negative momentum from the last 2 weeks of the season.
    • Second, the DScheme Minnesota runs suits the talents of  Foles better than Atlanta’s DScheme.
      • Atlanta plays more man coverage – good for an improvising, mobile QB like Wentz.
      • Minnesota mixes in more zone coverage – better for a pass spread QB like Foles.
      • Minnesota is tricky with their mix, but if Foles can keep his cool he will have a chance to succeed versus the zone coverages later in the game,. Similar to what we saw with the Saints.
  • Minnesota has a sneaky blitz package that they will probably use more against Foles to pressure him into mistakes. While Foles isn’t nearly as  good as Brees, he’s not a bad passer. He actually makes quick reads off the blitz and has a quick release.
    • Foles will have a chance to burn the Vikings D with a talented group of WRs.
    • Using RBs as receivers became a HUGE advantage for New Orleans last week. Expect to see the same this week with Philly’s talented RB crew who are also good receivers.
  • The Vikings like to shut down the power run game in the middle – sneaking a Safety up close – a lot like the Falcons. Unlike the Falcons, this leaves them vulnerable to the outside stretch runs as their speed isn’t quite as fast as Atlanta.
    • Just like Atlanta used outside runs to burn Philly last week, the Eagles need to do the same to the Vikings.
    • Last week Philly ran mostly inside runs. This is what Minnesota has studied all week on film. It will be a mistake if Minneosta follows tendency.
    • Expect Pederson to Break Tendency once again and run a lot more outside rather than inside this week. This strategy should open up the inside run game then eventually the deep passing game.
  • TEMPO – Not something the Eagles have done of late, but it’s in their repertoire. OC Frank Reich is from one of the original No-Huddle teams – the Buffalo Bills- and ran it a lot more last year. I expect he and Pederson will bring out the No-Huddle more than once this week.
    • It will keep Zimmer from getting too tricky with his Defensive Schemes and Calls and become more one-dimensional.
    • It will also wear down the  Minnesota D in the 2nd Half as they should be on the field a lot longer.
    • New Orleans went to a Tempo Huddle last week and it helped in their comeback as Minnesota’s D became too one-dimensional, then tired late.
    • If Minny also has a letdown from last week’s wild win this could become a blowout quickly.
  • The Vikings are easily burned by Trick Plays due to their aggression. New Orleans did one trick play I can think of and it was open for a touchdown, but a bad pass by the WR ruined it. Expect the same from Pederson – at least once – probably more in the game.
  • If the game is close late, the Viking Defense will go to a passive Cover 2 defense. Especially if Foles burns them on the blitz earlier in the game. Foles spread passing should be able to eat up a passive zone defense late in the game the same way Brees did last week.
  • On Defense, the Eagles personnel is better than the injury depleted Saints. Plus the Schemes of Schwartz are more aggressive.
    • Keenum is really good at hitting short passes to get his talented WRs out in space.  He’s also good at improvising and moving out of the pocket.
    • He’s not great at the deep pass. He didn’t need it versus the Saints until the unlikely desperation passes at the end of the game. He will need it versus the Eagles.
    • This may play right into the hands of the talented Eagle’s DBs and lead to a cacophony of mistakes for Minnesota.
  • The Eagles are better at stopping inside power runs than the Saints, who are light in weight and short on manpower, again due to injuries.
    • Don’t expect the Vikings to be able to pound the ball consistently versus the Eagles.
    • This could present a problem as this is the one area where HC Mike Zimmer can get a bit “Dan Quinn” like and force OC Pat Shurmur’s hand.
    • If Zimmer forces Shurmur and the Vikings to repeatedly run versus an 8 man front of the Eagles,  it will not end well.
  • While Keenum has been very good this year, he also tends to press from behind.  Mistakes at crucial times could turn a close game into a blowout for the Eagles rather quickly.
  • Keenum is also small and injury prone. The backup, Teddy Bridgewater is a former top draft pick and starter who endured a bad injury himself over a year ago. While he may have more talent than Keenum, he has not played meaningful minutes in over a year.
    • If the Vikings are a Team of Destiny, then maybe an injury to Keenum can be overcome with some miracle plays by Bridgewater.
    • The other side of this equation is an Eagle blowout.
  • The Eagles don’t always need to blitz to get pressure on the Quarterback.  Their Front 4 is very talented with good depth of players behind the starters.  If the Vikings have any kind of letdown, the pressure will build whether the Eagles are blitzing or not.
So many signs are pointing to a big Eagle win  
  • GOOD MATCHUP unlike last week.
    • This week experience is equal.
    • The schematic matchup favors the Eagles.
  • THE RIGHT QB  unlike last week.
    • Last week the Eagles would have been better with Improvising QB Carson Wentz.
    • This week Pass Spread QB Nick Foles is better for the type of  defensive scheme the Vikings play!
  • AN EASIER OFFENSE TO STOP compared to last week.
    • Last week the quick pass attack/power run game of the Falcons combined with an experienced, big throwing QB was not easy for the Eagles.
    • A smaller QB and offense that’s not as proficient at power, feeds right into the Eagle’s speed and aggressive schemes on D.

The only problem I see for the Eagles is their fearful fans.

Minnesota’s DScheme can fool anyone. Foles could make a couple of bad plays early. Foles is a cool customer. Like I said last week, Wentz’s injury may have been a blessing in disguise for the Eagles. His inexperience and tendency to try to do too much under pressure could have resulted in disaster with how the whole team was playing in the 1st Half last week. Foles kept his cool and helped turn it around in the 2nd Half. But the Eagles fans offered zero support.

A couple of bad plays by Foles and the Offense could ignite a miscreant form of debilitating abuse from the fans. Can Pederson’s Team survive all odds – even the fans – and do it once again?

As I have said these whole playoffs – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE – from a Philly blowout to a Minnesota blowout. I will stick with Pederson and go with the former. Too many variables on that side. Scheme, Talent, Matchup, Letdown Factor.

I trust in Pederson’s aggressive schemes to overcome, not only the inexperience of his team, but the fearfulness and blind Wentz allegiance of his fanbase. 

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