College Football Playoff Semifinal 1: LSU vs OU – Live Commentary

Posted: December 28, 2019 in All Things Power Spread



Well my thought that OU may jump out big early seems to be going drastically in the wrong direction. LSU in front of a home crowd is really fired up, jumping out to a quick 7-0 lead!

I have been correct so far about the young OU OLine getting overwhelmed by Aranda’s Pressure Defense. The OU Offense was dominated on their first 2 drives by an attacking speedy LSU D.

On LSU’s first Offensive Drive they went right down the field on 3 straight passes for a TD. It didn’t help that a poor OU Punt set them up in OU territory to start the drive. The TD was a beautiful RPO read by Burrow in this PS Pro Offense!

Oklahoma Strikes Back!

Early nerves gone and bam – OU strikes! Two runs by Hurts sets up a big pass to top WR Lamb. Classic Air Raid route design with Lamb in the slot matched up m2m vs a safety. A good Safety in Stevens, who had good coverage, but a great throw and a better catch.

The Tempo was fantastic – high end hurry up no huddle (HUNH). Even after the deep pass, OU raced up to the Line of Scrimmage (LOS) and ran a Read Option (RO) with RB Kennedy Brooks blasting into the End Zone.

Tie Game 7-7
LSU right back – shoot out?

Right back at ya!! LSU in their own high tempo HUNH Offense. It’s all passing by Burrows. Either pure play action fakes or RPOs – the latter has been incredible. Burrow is so tuned in to this PS Pro Offense of Brady/Ensminger.

After all the passing, a great call and big run, followed by another TD Pass. First to Jefferson, second to Marshall – 2 great WR talents.

Then OU gets stymied on Offense again. A controversial no-call on a possible Pass Interference Penalty that would have given OU the 1st Down. OU fans upset, but the bigger issue is OU’s OLine. Getting run over by LSU pressure as I thought they might.

LSU 14-7
LSU PS Pro Offense can’t be stopped – even on 3rd&Long!

Burrow’s first big scramble and big pass – called Incomplete – then reversed. Marshall again! Another big run set up by all the passing. Then more Tempo and a 3RD TD PASS IN ONE QUARTER BY BURROW!! UNBELIEVABLE. Jefferson again. He and Marshall are dominating.

This particular TD Pass looked a lot like OU’s long pass. An Air Raid specialty with the slot WR burning the Safety. The difference for OU is that their Safety wasn’t even close in Coverage. A replacement for the injured Starter.

I wouldn’t say that OU Defensive Coordinator Grinch is doing much wrong. He’s mixed it up – applied pressure – but this is TOP NOTCH POWER SPREAD OFFENSE BY LSU! Also, LSU’s OLine is really a huge matchup edge over OU’s OLine so far.




LSU CAN’T BE STOPPED! 3rd&Long and again Burrow scrambles – this time running for the first! Then a huge Targeting Penalty and Ejection of top OU defender, Nickelback Radley-Hiles!

Another Burrow Scramble for another first, then another great pass scheme for another TD to Jefferson!! And who did he burn?? Hiles replacement! Everything going wrong for OU!

THEN, as if things couldn’t get worse, an Interception on the very next play for LSU!! An interesting trick play. Backwards pass, lateral back to Hurts who then threw deep down the sidelines. The tricky DC Aranda actually sat LSU back in a Cover 3 Zone and an easy Interception for top Safety Vincent!

The Scheme dominance of Brady and Aranda on both sides of the ball has been evident. Aranda was sort of the forgotten man in all of this, but his D has looked great.

And again, the OLine discrepency. The one weak link on the field is OU’s Oline and it’s showing.


Absolutely incredible. The timing of this PS Pro Scheme – with these talented WRs and QB and a great OLine – it’s unstoppable. OU and Grinch have no clue what to do – Zone, M2M, Pressure, Phantom Pressure – nothing is working. They are getting completely dominated with passes all over the field!

Two short passes to Jefferson. The first big pass to Chase. Then a deep ball and fourth TD pass to Jefferson. 5th for Burrow overall. I can see this is a great PS Pro scheme with players in sync – but with this kind of dominance – I will need to study this more during the week.

LSU 35-7
OU Fight, but too much LSU PS Pro

More breakdowns on OU Oline, but on 3rd&Long a big pass to Lamb! HUGE 1st Down! Up Tempo by OU. Runs. Another pass Lamb. Hurts misses a wide Lamb in the endzone. 3rd&Goal PI penalty on Fulton in EZ. Two plays later TD Hurts on Option Run.

Definite letdown by the LSU D, but good Tempo and fight by OU. Tough to play under these conditions. LSU is basically christening the PS Pro Offense for the new decade!!

And another TD pass for Burrow. Incredible. 6 in the half. This one to TE Moss 62 yds. A total miscommunication and blown coverage in the secondary. OU D is absolutely shell shocked by this PS Pro Offense.

LSU 42-14
More of the same…

More OU OLine breakdowns. I nailed that prediction though I was way off on the early lead by OU. More pressure by active LB Chaisson. Another punt.

And now OU D is absolutely deflated. More RPO action – play action. Big pass to Chase. Then a nice fake block – easy TD catch Marshall.

Most fans expected a convincing LSU win, but I don’t think anyone could have imagined this. Even I can’t believe it and I know the power of a top Power Spread Offense!

LSU 49-14


Incredible. I’m seeing what everyone else is seeing. I’m sure there will be better, easier executable PS Schemes in the future, but right now this is the most clear, simple, executable pro style PS offense we have ever seen.

Of course any concept with the word Pro in it will require smart, talented players. Maybe more so than some other concepts and schemes. But this kind of system, that is based in Power Spread, yet uses the simplest of Pro Concepts mixed with some other ideas is powerful. Especially with the experience and talent of LSU.

The big discrepency that no one seems to be talking about is on the Offensive Line. I called it in my Preview. It’s the biggest weakness on OU. Yes, bigger than anything on their Defense.

Honestly, LSU would be killing almost any team with the way they played that first half. The only hope was for OU to keep up Offensively and they simply can’t. Not with that OLine versus a Dave Aranda speedy defense.

Doesn’t it look like Joe Burrow is just playing in the back yard

Exactly what Tiger Ellison saw when he had his Epiphany. Kids playing in the back yard. Combine that with the history of Spread that came before Ellison and that is everything you are seeing in football today!


More of the Same Opening Drive
  • Short passes opening space for deeper passes.
  • Talent & Experience- Burrow, Jefferson, Marshall
  • Spread horizontally, vertically
  • Then pound the run – Touchdown – Game Over
LSU 56 – 14
OU still fighting but LSU too much

To OU’s credit they kept fighting. Leadership by Hurts. But the Defense and most of the team was absolutely deflated coming out of the locker room at Halftime. Hard not to blame them.

This was more a case of an LSU Offense playing amazing, than OU playing so poorly. Except maybe the OLine that just struggled to handle the speedy LSU D.

Really tough 4th Down run by Hurts for a TD. Riley has a tough bunch of winners. Just a bad day to be a Sooner.

LSU now controlling the ball – but still with passes – not runs. Incredible. The West Coast Pro Passing Spread route designs sprinkled with some Sean Payton designs are just eating up OU’s dejected defense.

Six Minutes on short passes and that’s the way LSU eats up the clock to end the 3rd Quarter.

LSU 56-21


OU not quitting

Gotta give them credit. Hurts kept playing hard. The whole Offense did. They got another TD, but sadly the Defense wasn’t even present for the 2nd Half.

LSU with backups in the game, drove down the field, ate up the clock and got one more TD to wrap this game up.

LSU 63 OU 28

Just an amazing offensive performance by LSU’s PS Pro Offense with Joe Burrow. More on this coming soon.

OU’s own Offense was undermanned on the OLine. In the end there was no chance unless LSU had an off game due to their playoff inexperience. They didn’t. In fact, they may have played their best game of the year.

A shout out to Steve Ensminger’s Daughter-In-Law who died in a plane crash earlier today. Mine and everyones heart goes out to him and his family. It was pretty obvious that LSU had a high level of inspiration coming into this game.

I haven’t said anything about Head Coach Ed Orgeron, but he’s always been a great player’s coach. He knows how to create a family atmosphere. Everyone talks about how much he cares about his team.

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care


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