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Illinois struggled to score – sure OSU’s defense played solid fundamentals and Illinois is not as great as their record lead many to believe.  Add in the 25 mph winds and its easy to overlook the underlying factor to the big plays we saw from Ohio State’s defense on Saturday – TOP NOTCH TALENT.

What’s new – over the last decade there may not be a more talented team, year in, year out than Ohio State. Naysayers will talk about Speed – doesn’t hold up to USC or the SEC – but most people confuse speed with schemes.  Give any player in Division I football a 1 second head start in a 40 yd dash over another player of the same position and he will win every time.  Ohio State has been as fast as anyone ever since the Cooper days.  Every team has speed in todays game – its really not about speed anymore. But there will always be different levels of talent and performance in any sport and Tressel’s recruiting was second to none – including Pete Carroll.

Here’s a look at the defense – these are all top recruits that I followed for the last 5 years and who are learning to shine:

DL – Hankins and Simon are EVERYWHERE!! Hankins is playing DE as well as DT, Simon is dropping into pass coverage – really unbelievable BIG 10 SPEED AND ATHLETICISM!!

LB – Sabino was everywhere  yesterday and more SPEED!  Sweat has been everywhere in past games and is always solid. Moeller is getting a 2nd life and taking advantage. He was always had a top notch intensity and nose for the ball – as a star LB in HS and now at the hybrid LB/5th DB position.  He is EVERYWHERE EVERY WEEK!

DB – Maybe Tressel’s best job recruiting – maybe the best job at a single position in all of College Football. Its not easy to accumulate tough minded DBs that can fit right into a scheme, but Tressel finds them – and not one or two – try 6 or 8 – a big part of our top notch Special Teams.  Yesterday we got to see Bradley Roby’s coming out party!  He’s been quietly making plays all year – nose for the ball – and not afraid of mistakes. Worked out with the great Michael Jenkins during the NFL lockout and its paying dividends. Of course he was another underrated talent that Tressel is the best at scooping up! Add to that Big Time HS Stars who are have been showing up on the field all year – CJ Barnett, Christian Bryant and Travis Howard – plus another under the radar guy, Dominic Clarke and this is going to be a secondary that will be tops in the nation next year! AGAIN

– Thanks Coach T!