Week 1 Game Preview: Buffalo at OSU

Posted: August 31, 2013 in UME 2013
Buffalo 0-0   OSU 0-0
Yes, Jeff Quinn – Brian Kelly protege – is doing much better than people realize. The results aren’t there, but should be on their way this year. Implementing a PS Offense and overall system to Turner Gill’s more pro passing concepts and defensive ineptitude has not been easy. This year with a ton of returning starters, the best DBs and LBs in the MAC, one of the best LBs in the country in Mack, one of the best WRs ever at Buffalo in Neutz and one of the best RBs ever in Oliver – 5’8″ fire hydrant! (read more)
The big question is at QB. Zordich is the runner, Licata the passer. Any controversy could foil the Bulls year. Special Teams should be the best in years and could help out, along with Defense, any QB issues. Leadership from Neutz and Oliver and the 4th year of the Quinn PS System will also prove beneficial.
Similar to last year I have 3 main Issues that I think are on all Buckeye fans minds:
1- Eliminate mistakes
Can get away with it with our weak schedule, but no way we can beat an Alabama or even an LSU with such a magnitude of big mistakes. PS football is about aggression and use of EVERY PART OF THE GAME. Yes. But it’s also about BALANCE and 15 big mistakes a game is far from balance. Lets get it to 10 or under to start!
2- Defense
Do not expect the old Buckeyes defensive statistics. if we go more up tempo this year it will be worse. Stats mean NOTHING. Wins do. We still have great talent on Defense and a great Defensive Staff. Not a single team has solved the issue of their own Defense with UpTempo Offenses. I don’t think we will be the first, but we can play a lot better. Roby’s suspension doesn’t help but the PS System is TEAM first and foremost. We have the talent. Hopefully the 2nd year of Meyer’s System and some intelligent tweaking by Fickell and the guys will resolve this issue.  20 pts or less and that’s a good Defense in this system.  40 is too much.
3- Braxton Miller and the Tempo
Notice I didn’t say UPTempo. It’s not just about speed. It’s about Time Management. A major part of the game. Mixing the Tempo and using the clock to our advantage will be the key. Plus, using the Tempo to suit the Team we are playing (Match Up) and where are own team is at in terms of Strategy and also the Physical and Mental state of the team. OC Herman may be a Master at Tempo. To make this work, Miller has got to improve. He was not good in HighTempo situations and 5 WR sets. Also, his passing decisions and accuracy need to improve. I expect it will. If it does, this will be an unstoppable Offense – even for Alabama!


Buffalo by 20. Ok, sorry. Couldn’t resist. It may be a bit closer than people expect as few know anything about Buffalo. Even a close 1st half, though, should be a blowout by the end of the game. It may be a blowout from the start. But with all the off the field problems this summer and still incorporating a lot of PS concepts on Offense, Defense and SpTeams, OSU may have a sluggish start. DO NOT PANIC BUCKEYE FANS!. We are lucky to have an easy schedule again. The goal is improving every weak and getting wins! Against anyone and everyone. 
Buckeyes in an eventual rout, but close first half. 45-20. 
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