The Power of Chaos – Part 1: Championship Sunday Pt 1

Posted: February 2, 2019 in All Things Power Spread
The Lorenz Attractor (

The Wild Chaotic Ride of the 2018 NFL Season returned in a big way on Championship Sunday after 2 relatively boring weekends of playoff football. But what really happened? Is it really all about “THE PENALTY” or is there something deeper at work?

This is Part 1 of a Series of Articles on Chaos and its place in the game of Football and in Life. Here I begin to touch upon a few ideas that will be explored more fully in the future as timely events trigger a continuing look into this Concept of Chaos.

An Introduction to Chaos

Scary word, isn’t it? Things we don’t know..things out of our control. People put a lot of time into the “ORDER” of life to gain some sort of a foothold in a constantly evolving Universe. Which, by the way, comes out of this “CHAOS” or The Unborn Unknown. This is where all LIFE starts and ends. Out of the Chaos comes Order. But it’s not something to be controlled.

To Be or Not to Be

*best read with your favorite song in the background…

Does Chaos have to be such a scary idea – or can we Break On Thru to the Other Side? Embrace it or run from it?

How about the rules of how to construct a sentence…or making up different ways as we go along …a different concept of communication… understanding… feeling …?..!

How about making up different words within accepted constructs? Shakespeare did this – to great E-fact. Some of his made-up words are now a part of our recognized Order – in the “great book of words” called a Dictionary. Of which Chaos is a part. And from which all other words SPRUNG! 🙂

A Game is supposed to be Fun… is Life?

Some words are meant as fun, while still offering great meaning or depth. Yet so simple on an intellectual level as to almost be kid-like in their appearance and usage. How about Power or Spread? Perfect to describe a Sport or any Game. FUN.

How about Life? How about the word – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. What does this word mean? We could easily call this a “Chaotic” word – but is it? Or is it a type of “ordered” lettering in a nonsensical fashion with a greater intelligence than words of common logic? Could it be that the intelligence of Feeling supersedes Thought? Thought in Motion. Emotion. FUN – LIFE.

Sometimes a phrase can be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Such a phrase as Power Spread can mean a lot to one person and silliness to another. Sometimes that’s the point. And sometimes there is no point. Sometimes an Oxymoron isn’t so “moronic” after all. Sometimes it’s sheer bliss in all it’s blissful brilliance unrecognized. GAME – FUN.

The Beauty of Chaos

THIS is Chaos. IN ALL ITS BEAUTY – Newness unborn forming into the physical world of Order. It’s unpredictable and unknowable until we know it – until it’s ordered.

In the case of Life …. And ….. Sport as Life’s Microcosm, it’s the uncontrollable of which we choose to ignore …OR… face…the peril of which, is to attempt to control, order and understand – someThing – that is yet to be understood, ordered or controlled.

But it’s the greatest gift we all have – The Miracle of Life. It’s supposed to be fun…

What does Chaos mean in the context of Power Spread?

Simply, the unknown. More accurately, the unformed or unborn. The c part of the E=mc2. The forever Constant from which we exist. The ONE.. if you will. A popular phrase now is to call this our Inner Being. The old word is God.

Very simply, it is “Forever” being formed into Order or Mass (m).

Who forms it? We do. Everything in this Universe is constantly creating Mass from this Constant Unknown.

The engine that runs creation is Thought dictated by Feeling. This unordered Feeling Thought then creates mass. Thoughts into Things. Things multiplied to Feeling/Thought gives us Energy. E=mc2.

But here’s the thing – the Feeling Thought part of the equation is by far the most powerful part of the equation. Almost all Energy comes from the C-Constant or the c2 part of the equation!

c2 – The Great Attractor

There is a reason why this universal Constant is a number exactly that of the Speed of Light. It IS Light! Its speed, measured at 3×108 m/s, is always constant. Whether moving towards or away from the light, the measurement of this speed NEVER changes.

THIS IS HUGE – this is the one, the alpha omega, the nothing, the everything. And we move, evolve life through thought – c2, which is always a much larger # than the mass. The unseen, unknown is always much greater what is seen and known.

Trough Planck’s Equation we are able to measure this “unseen” as Electromagnetic Radiation in distinct frequency vibrations. Within this construct lies Gravity – for specific frequencies attract other like frequencies. From the Chaos comes Order through Feeling Thought.

This GREAT ATTRACTOR is in the process of being discovered in Chaos Theories like the Lorenz Attractor .

Like Attracts Like

We attract that which we think…focus….feel. The stronger the Feeling – the larger the attraction of the that particular vibration. From the Chaos forms Orders. The connection between non physical and physical creation is Vibration, with Frequency as the point of Attraction.

This is why a coach like Urban Meyer – one of the early proponents of what I call Power Spread – talks more about his players than anything else. For all the scheming and organization, the most powerful part of Energy – which is EVERYTHING – is the Vibration Frequency of the Team.


This is also where all the “Luck” comes from. That of which we lack understanding- we call Luck. Coaches like Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Bill Belichick – really all coaches – understand this through experience. POSITIVE THOUGHTS & FEELINGS WIN – and many times get “lucky.”

Now, positivity or higher feeling thought isn’t everything. Even though it’s the much larger part of the equation, high level sport is very much equal in this area. Most players, coaches, teams competing at a high level are there because they have high feeling thoughts.

So this is when the mass part of the equation becomes big. The slight distinction in Talent, Scheme, Technique – things we know and control – usually makes the difference.

But at times, when everything is so equal and margins of victory are very slim, a slight variance in Vibration is all it takes to turn a win into a loss. Or vice versa.

Championship Sunday Part 2 – The Teams and the Games


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