The Power of Chaos – Part 1: Championship Sunday Pt2

Posted: February 2, 2019 in All Things Power Spread
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Paul Bourke

The Wild Chaotic Ride of the 2018 NFL Season returned in a big way on Championship Sunday after 2 relatively boring weekends of playoff football. But what really happened? Is it really all about “THE PENALTY” or is there something deeper at work?

This is the 2nd Part of my Championship Sunday post where I’m looking at what happened from a Chaos Perspective. In this segment I delve into what “Luck” is and why it happens for certain teams.

Penalties? Games? Fun?! Hmmm…

While everyone has been raging over one penalty – not called – that “decided” the NFC Championship Game – I have been entertaining another line of thought. Why did this happen – why is it happening more and more – and why were the Rams the lucky team? More so, why do the Patriots continue to be lucky time and time again?

Why all this Chaos?

Football is in a great stage of new beginnings – Power Spread. Everything ever used in the game is coming into play. Expect more next decade. Three QBs on the field at the same time. No QBs. Single Wings sets. Lonesome Polecat. Anything goes!

This leads to Chaos, because Talent, Schemes, everything is so competitive. This is the height of Sport. Teams are so good now. The rules and refs need to catch up. They will. Changes are on the way. The game is evolving rapidly.

PS Chaos heightened for Championship Sunday

Despite all the PS Chaos throughout the 2018 NFL Season, the Playoffs were relatively “calm” except for Philly Magic. In the midst of all this PS Evolution, 3 Teams distinctly rose to the top. Very similar to the Lorenz Attractor, there were Strange Attractors grouping these 3 Teams. Though, in this case, the Attractor was a known factor along the order of Power Spread Football.

All 3 of these teams are ahead of the time. The Saints and Rams touching upon a WestCoast+ future scheme – the Saints in a Walsh style, the Rams a Gillman approach – and the Chiefs are showing signs of future FULL PS Offense.

The 4th Team in the mix on this Sunday was the Dynastic NE Patriots. They were playing PS Aggressive Football ahead of their time some 15 years ago! Others have now caught up, but Belichick and co. are still going strong.

Both matchups were played out in dramatic fashion during the regular season. Many fans were expecting 2 more wild games and they weren’t disappointed. Chaos doesn’t usually determine the winner. Usually it’s something scheme/talent/injury/experience related. But in this case, with such close match-ups, Chaos was imminent.

Why the “Luck” for the Rams?

I have one answer – LAW OF ATTRACTION. The c2what you think about and how strongly you Feel about these Thoughts, dictates what you attract. This works for Individuals as well as Teams.

For the Rams, they are very young with a young Head Coach. They haven’t suffered through any “damaging” experiences in their short time.

Sure, they have yet to play a really good playoff game, but they haven’t had any horrible last second losses or any “Bad Luck” episodes to end their season.

This was not the case for their opponent on that Sunday.

Why not the Saints?

We can talk about all the missed TD chances by the Saints early in the game. A blotched play in OT. Even on the Penalty play, Brees had an open WR down the seam for a TD, but went the other way. THEN, DB Robey had a chance at an interception, but wasn’t even looking at the ball!

But this is all on the Order side of the equation. The truth of the matter is that the Rams played flat most of the game. The Saints were the better team with the better energy, but they never pulled away. Then had a bad call that screwed them at the end. Why?

Timely Experience

A big factor in positive or negative Feeling Thought is Experience. In the case of the Saints, it is Timely Experience.

The Saints blew their season last year on a fluky TD pass by Minnesota. This definitely was in the mind of the Saints and all their Fans. Not again…!!! Yes, again.

I don’t think this Thought was dominant throughout the Rams game. DC Wade Phillips had a good game plan that kept the game close. Without his scheme this is a blowout as the Rams did not play well.

But once the Rams woke up some. HC McVey got a little more aggressive with his scheme on Offense. QB Goff kept his nerve. THEN, this negative thought had to creep into the minds of the Saints and their Fans. The whole stadium was probably FEELING it. And BAM…a horrible penalty.


Blame the Referees all you want, but that’s a waste of time. There is a lot the NFL needs to do to adjust to the new age of Power Spread Football. The game is faster with more variety. The NFL will eventually get it.

But the Law of Attraction will at times play a role in games where teams are evenly matched. After the bad call, it was easy to see the negativity on both the Saints and their Fans. The Energy was GONE. The game was over before Overtime even started.

What could the Saints have done? I don’t know. This is the unpredictability of the Chaos. The Experience was already set from last year’s Minnesota game. The Saints needed to score TDs and finish the game before it got close at the end. That’s what they controlled. The Chaos for them was already set, because of their mindset.

It’s tough for the Fans and more so for the Team. But this was deeper than one referee and one bad call in one game.

Why the Pats gets Lucky all the time??

The irony for me is that everyone is focusing on the Saints, but few seem to be talking about the Pats?

Referees effected 2 games, not just 1!

The non-call against the Saints was certainly a terrible decision by the refs. But was the Neutral Zone Infraction against the Chiefs any less of blatant error in judgement??

Many will say YES!, because the first was a penalty NOT called and the second was actually a penalty, that maybe should not have been called in light of the situation.

Here’s the thing… the Referees are trying to improve, by adding more “common sense” to the timing and severity of their calls. At the end of close games, Refs are being told to ONLY call egregious penalties. So when fans don’t look at both games together, they are missing a big piece of the puzzle.

The Refs actually DID NOT call an egregious penalty in the first game, but called a very non-egregious penalty in the second! Incredible Double Whammy! It’s not just the Saints who could have been in the Super Bowl. It’s the Saints and the Chiefs.

Much more luck for the Pats than Rams..

Like the first game, we can talk Order – Pat Mahomes inexperience at QB hurting KC early in the game or the move to a passive Cover 2 by KC DC Bob Sutton after playing aggressive throughout most of the game – but the truth again lies in the Chaos.

The Patriots only scores of the 2nd Half, before OT, were aided by a terrible Roughing the Passer Penalty, a non-reversal of a dropped pass and a fluky punt return gaff by Julian Edelman. Even if the ball didn’t hit his hand, it certainly could have bounced off him – anywhere – even his head. It was amazing fortune once again by the top team in the NFL over the last 20 years.

Experience Expectancy

Again, this is Law of Attraction, but in this case, instead of Timely Experience I will call this Experience Expectancy.

The Pats have been doing this a long time. They have a great organization from the Owner to the Coaches to the Players. They have pulled close games out and had luck on their side many times before.

The Pats attract their Luck. Partially through preparation, scheme and talent. But a lot through attitude – expectancy of things working out for them.

Are the Pats still the Best?

Tony Romo in his broadcast mentioned how upset the Pats were at being doubted by the fans heading into the playoffs. The thing is – you can’t blame people for doubting them in this late stage of their Dynasty. They are becoming old fast and Bill Belichick is no longer ahead of his time. Other coaches are now doing great things. Times have changed.

NE still has a top team and coaching, but they are no longer the most aggressive, best team out there. What they have is a boatload of experience. And luck. They expect things to go their way – they know it’s never over for them. Not just Tom Brady. The whole team. They are the Patriots!

This Vibration and Frequency of Attraction cannot be underrated. Like attracts like. They feel they are the most prepared and they expect the breaks and get them. Time and time again.

Will there be more Chaos

Absolutely. As I said in Pt1, the game is at a new beginning. Power Spread. Everything ever used in the game – exploring SpaceTimeTeam through AggressiveFlexibleVariety- will continue on. This will create more top competition and close games.

Will the Referee’s and the Replay System improve?

Definitely. I actually think the Fan scrutiny is so intense now and the game generates so much money that the Refs are really in tough positions. A lot of these close calls have happened throughout the game’s history. Chaos has ALWAYS been a big part of this game. Of any game. There’s always an element of Luck.

The NFL’s off the field activities will catch up to the modern game within the next decade, but the Game will always have an element of Chaos that will always be dictated by Thought Feeling Vibration. Coaches have known this for over a century. They called it “Toughness” back in the day.

Everything will continue to improve – schemes, talent, coaching, and eventually even the refereeing. But the Chaos will always be around – to create more order – to continue to evolve the world of football and the world at large.

Championship Sunday – Pt 1 – What is Chaos?


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