Saints Full PS – WC Sunday Playoff Notes 2020

Posted: January 7, 2020 in All Things Power Spread
Full PS?

What the heck do I mean when I say Full PS? Below is a quick outline of the fleshed out version of Power Spread Football.

The Full Power Spread – Version 101

An organization of Power Spread using all Space Time Team available within the construct of the game. This includes all available history with maximized efficiency for present time evolving of Player, Coach, Team, Organization, Game.

    • POWER – 2D – Less can go wrong, but less potential.
      • Wide
        • Run
        • Pass
      • Middle
        • Run
        • Pass
    • SPREAD – 3D – Great potential Energy, but must accept error.
      • Vertical = Middle+Wide
        • Middle
        • Wide
        • Intermediate
      • Horizontal
        • Middle
        • Wide
        • Intermediate
    • TIME – Keep mind open to continuing new possibilities.
      • Game Time
        • Mixed Tempo
          • Pre-Snap
          • Snap
          • Post-Snap
        • Call Timing
          • Mis-Direction
          • Breaking Tendency
      • Real Time – Formations/Schemes/Concepts
        • Within all rules
        • Throughout all football history
        • Practice Efficiency
          • Individual Techniques
          • Team Schemes
    • TEAM – Aggressive Paradigm over Mistake Paradigm.
      • Focus on Aggressive Balance vs Over/Under Aggression
      • Talent / Attitude Evaluation
      • Personnel Structure
        • Star Structure
          • One
          • Several
        • Team Structure
          • Individual Led
          • Group Led
      • Maximization
        • Position Groups
        • Individual Positions
        • Individual Talent
      • All Time Talent Maximization
        • Recent History
        • All History

Taysom Hill as a Single Wing TB

Not only was Grange a thrilling runner, he was an adequate passer and punter, a reliable receiver, a dangerous returner of kicks, and a fine defensive back

The Galloping Ghost: The Autobiography of Red Grange
Red Grange – First Football Star

Red Grange was the first true STAR in Football. Up until the 1920s American Football was very much a Team game. There were friends and family watching, but this new game was more about an exploration of the structure of the game and early innovation of schematics on the field.

Red Grange was an athlete ahead of his time. Soon after, there began to spring up other quality athletes with the ability to throw, run, kick and play defense as well. The greatest of these became renown for their unusual skill levels.

Single Wing to Modern T to Pro

Grange played in the Single Wing concept – really a sort of spread of its time. From this formation, and also the punt formation, the ball was snapped directly to the Fullback or what they eventually called the Tailback. Most of the plays were still power runs back then, but the passing game was beginning to blossom.

In the 40s, with the onset of the Modern T (different from the Original T of the early 1900s), the QB became the main position. By the time the Split T, then Pro Offense appeared, the QB was cemented as the Leader of the team.

Eventually, the passing games became very advanced. Sid Gillman explored the field with precise geometry and timing. Don Coryell, Bill Walsh and others took it further. This passing ideal turned Football into a game of Stars, with the QB as numero uno.

Sunday’s Wild Card Playoff Game

What we saw Sunday was a flashback to the 1920s. Taysom Hill lined up as a SW TB – blasting power sweep runs from a direct snap!

Early on, with QB Drew Brees and the Offense struggling, Hill moved from his usual TE/HB role and lined up in a shotgun. He ran a Read Option on the first play, then threw a deep pass to rookie speedster Deonte Harris on the next! The Saints scored their first touchdown on their next play.’

This set up a string of plays late in the game where the ball was snapped directly to Hill and he followed his pulling lineman for an old-school Power Sweep – first to the right – then to the left – for big gains. The Vikings were fearful of committing fully to the run, because they knew Hill could wing it downfield.

The series before that one, Hill was lined up in the slot from his HB position and raced down the sideline for a huge TD Catch. Hill was a power runner, passer and receiver! We are getting very close to something we haven’t seen in football for a very long time.

Full PS = Space Time TEAM

As I said in PS Pro – An 80 Year Football Reunion, I believe we are heading into an age where Team will once again dominate over Star. Of course we will still have our stars. Unlike the 1920s, when Red Grange’s exploits were highly unusual, today’s game has a ton of great athletes playing every week.

I do feel we are going to see more and more innovation on how to use all of these athletes and structure a team both on and off the field. There will be more substitutions dependent on game circumstances. Schemes devoted to particular talent or groupings. Positionless flexibility replacing stringent rigidity.

Sean Payton – The NFL is changing, but it takes Time.

Sean Payton didn’t do enough to get his team over the line, but at least he’s daring to try. His team was flat and struggled with a well executed gameplan by the Vikings. A little more of the Full PS with Hill? Some Tempo HUNH Offense throghout the game with Brees? Who knows. Maybe the Saints pull this out.

Of course, if their top notch kicker makes an early FG try, they win anyway. It’s hard to speculate, but I do know this. Power Spread with it’s Aggressive Flexible Variety is the way to go and it’s only going to continue to grow.

The NFL is changing. Power Spread Football is upon us. Will the 2020s will be like the roaring 20s some 100 years ago? Maybe. For sure, we saw a flashback to those 1920s on Sunday. Following on the heels of a QB touchdown catch on the first drive of the playoffs the day before.

This is only the beginning…


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