SUPER BOWL 54 LIVE COMMENTARY- Kansas City vs San Francisco

Posted: February 2, 2020 in All Things Power Spread
Morning of Kobe Bryant’s passing at his youth event in Calabasas

There will be a halftime ceremony on the passing of Kobe Bryant. If there is one thing Power Spread is all about, it is Unity and Connectedness. It’s all that really exists, even in the face of what appears to be a continuing resistance to Truth.

Kobe spoke truth as so many others have in our past. He spoke for everyone. He was taking his daughter, Gianna, to one of her basketball games when the helicopter they were in crashed.

Ironically, his love of Women’s Basketball was the thing I admired most about him. When many still struggle to see the value of Sport in general to a culture, there is even more resistance to the incredible value in Women Sports.

He will be missed, but not forgotten. Neither is the man in the video above. People will continue to understand their connectedness and one day there will no longer be divides – politically, economically or otherwise. I desire strongly that Time to come sooner rather than later.


Shanahan+ Reid Brilliance right from the start!

Rooting for Andy, but love Shanahan’s Brilliance as well!

After a conservative start by KC, more Misdirection reverses right from the start by Shanahan. Two big runs by WR Samuel, but Chiefs DC Spagnuolo stays aggressive as I said he will need to do in the face of big plays! Chiefs hold SanFran to a FG. Big!

San Francisco 3-0

Now, the Chiefs open it up on Offense. Their own type of Spread Misdirection. Speedy WR Hill in Space. Top TE Kelce on key passes. Matriculating down the field as the SanFran Defense scrambles.

Finally, the SanFran DLine gets to Mahomes. 3rd&12 Mahomes runs for 1st, but big hit and ball oob short of 1st down!

4th&1 – DIRECT SNAP TO RB – SINGLE WING STYLE! 1ST AND GOAL! Misdirection Speed Option Mahomes TOUCHDOWN!!


Chiefs 7-3


Shanahan using play action off the run – big pass Garoppolo to Sanders.

But again, KC staying aggressive on D in spite of the big plays by SanFran. Attack another misdirection to Samuel for 2 yd loss. Then a hit by DT Pennel on Garoppolo and INTERCEPTION BREELAND!

I’m sensing a Letdown coming to SanFran…??

Big Play-Action pass to Watkins for 28 yds! SanFran is fast, but in the wrong spots due to the great scheme of Reid!

Some great Defense by the speedy young defense of SanFran. Mosley great tackle 1on1 Watkins sets up 4th&1 again.

ANOTHER SPEED OPTION FOR CHIEFS! This time pitch to RB Williams. 1ST DOWN!


Possible PI on SanFran not called. Then 3rd&7 SanFran blitz – great pickup by NB Moore and big hit on RB out of the backfield!

Young Niners hanging tough – keep Chiefs to a FG. Huge!

Chiefs 10-3
Shanahan Spread to Power

Mostert power runs by Mostert off the Misdirection Pop Pass to Samuel! Then big power run by the power back Coleman!

Play Action quick pass to Samuel! Play Action Rollout dump to FB Juszczyk TOUCHDOWN!


SanFran 10-10!

More Spread short passes by Mahomes. 49ers are fast, but struggling with the Misdirection/PlayAction in Space. Williams, Bell, Hill – all the Personnel.

On 2nd&8 a nice Misdirection Reverse to Hardman, but great speed by DE Armstead to blow the play up!

3rd&14. A Misdirection Screen to Williams, but again, SanFran speed eats it up!

More great use of Personnel by Shanahan. Little used RB Wilson out of the backfield for a huge 1st Down catch. Sets up an “ALMOST” huge catch by TE Kittle – but called back with Offensive Pass Interference.

San Francisco missed some points on that one.


Definitely lower scoring game than I predicted. Nothing wrong with what Reid or Shanahan are doing on Offense. Just really good defense – giving up a lot of yards – but making big plays when needed!

I thought after the Interception by the Chiefs, we may see a Letdown by SanFran. Picking Energy and Momentum shifts is tough. Dealing with Time – not just Space. I was wrong on that one.

Holding the Chiefs to a FG after the Interception was huge by the Niners. Following that with a great 80 yd drive really turned the momentum.

We have ourselves a game!


Shanahan and his Arsenal of Deceptions!

State your case: Clark Shaughnessy

Sports Illustrated: Ron Burges

Am I watching the Bears from the 1940s? More deception.

  • Play Action Sanders over the middle
  • Another Misdirection PlayAction Reverse to Samuel
  • Power Run Coleman followed by another great PlayAction out of the I Formation pass to FB Juszczyk

But once again, the Defense stays aggressive and shuts down the Offense after another good Drive. FG.

SanFran 13-10

More good Offense – matriculating the ball down the field, but again – all for not!

Nice Play Action Rollout pass to Watkins to start the drive. Then Rollout left nice Route Design completion to Kelce on 3rd down!

Spread sets up the power to Williams for 5 yd run. Then near disaster. 2nd&5 CB Blitz by Moseley – along with Bosa creates a Mahomes fumble. Recovered by Chiefs.

Then…real disaster. Mahomes scrambling, throws downfield, but great drop – technique by LB Warner – INTERCEPTION!

A little Blitz pressure by SanFran, but overall just great technique and execution. Chiefs keep moving the ball – but no rewards!

Inc to Sanders – controversial no call on PI, but on 3rd&8 huge 26 yd pass to Bourne, who beats CB Ward on tight man coverage!

From there, more Shanahan magic. Play Action pass to the FB – Old School WCO. Then Mostert bangs it in. TOUCHDOWN!

17 unanswered points by the 49ers!

SanFran 20-10

Another comeback will be needed for the Chiefs. They need to finish drives!

The 49ers are fired up now. Controlling the Line of Scrimmage, but great scramble and dive by Mahomes for a 1st Down!

Nice Play Action pass to Kelce, followed by another Single Wing Direct Snap -this time to TE Kelce – for a 1st down run! 100 years back to the Future.


Another nice Play Action pass to Hill for the first. 49ers winning the LOS, but playing more “bend don’t break” Defense. So far there has been no break!

Another passive scheme by Niners. Mahomes dumps it off for a nice catch and run by RB Williams for 13 and a first!

Again, just a passive 4 man rush by the Niners, but total dominance by the DLine. Sack by DeForest Buckner – one of the 49ers 1st Rd Picks on the DLine. Same on the next play, but this time Mahomes breaks away for 13 yds!

3rd&6 INTERCEPTION NINERS!! Unbelievable. Mahomes throws behind Hill, who can’t haul it in, tipping it up for another big play by backup S Moore! Easy first down blown by the Chiefs!

The 49ers have been playing “Bend but don’t Break” all game and getting away with it as the Chiefs are eating up clock, driving down the field and not getting points!

Now, 49ers turn to eat up clock and yards. 6 yd run Mostert. 12 yd pass Kittle. Blitz by Chiefs – brings up 3rd&Long. Scramble by Garappolo, stopped short.

Big stop by KC Defense. Spags is staying aggressive at a crucial time in the game. Well done.

A big Special Teams play for Chiefs?? Nope. Good punt by top rookie P Wishnowski. Fair Catch.

Now, how do the Chiefs score versus this Bend Dont Break Defense of the 49ers? Time for a Big Play!!??


Scramble for Mahomes for a 1st. Racing to the line, pass to Hill for 9. Offsides Chiefs – a little too fast.

SanFran stays passive in pressure and coverage, enabling Hill to get open for a big first down. Play Under Reviewoverturned – incomplete! Bad pass Mahomes.

Finally Niners bet burned for conservative approach on Defense. 44 Yards to Hill!

Finally a big play for the Chiefs vs this Bend Don’t Break D!

3rd&10 – All WRs a Go Option Route – Classic Air Raid / Run&Shoot – Kelce 1on1 vs Moore and PI on Moore! Moore has played great today, but got him there!

Play Action Rollout Mahomes – TD Kelce!

Finally, Niners getting burned for their Passive Scheme!

Chiefs 17-20

Another big Kick Coverage by the Chiefs. Both teams have been great on Kick Coverage all game!

Chiefs hard on Zone Blitz – LB coming hard – DE Suggs in Coverage – perfect! Pass Knockdown DT Jones!

Another blitz! Incomplete! Great Aggression by Spagnuolo!!

Another good punt by Wishnowsky. Special Teams excellence on both sides tonight!

More Chiefs Hurry Up No Huddle!

Short pass Hill, Kelce, then back to Hill. Pressure from 49ers DLine, but too conservative vs the HUNH that the Chiefs finally are using late!

Finally a DB Blitz by 49ers – too little pressure too late – 1on1 Watkins over Sherman 38 yds first down at 49ers 10!!

Another Mahomes scramble for 6. PlayAction Scramble, this time Mahomes nailed by SS Tartt! 3RD&GOAL!

Fantastic Play Action Mahomes – mini-Roll Right – dump to Williams TOUCHDOWN! REVIEW!


Chiefs 24-20

Again, great deception by Shanahan – coming out and running with the game on the line! Mostert for 17 yds!

Passes to Kittle for 8 and Bourne for 16 and the Niners are at Midfield! No time to get conservative Spagnuolo!

Great use of Safety as a “Robber” by Spags! Former CB Fuller almost an interception from the Safety position!!

Bad play by CB Ward leaves Sander open deep, but Garappolo overthrows him!!


Spags Aggressive to the end! Gameball to Spagnuolo!

Williams breaks for a 38 yd TD Run vs a totally deflated, desperate Defense! Game Set Match!

Chiefs 31-20

Garappolo crushed by a fired up Chiefs DLine – Clark – Incomplete. Then Interception by Fuller – who makes his 2nd big play late!

CHIEFS 31-20

Andy Reid Excellence!

Congrats to Andy Reid and I guess to this guy on the right..?

20 years of excellence. Advancing this game with innovation and contributing in a bigger way – with heart!

HUNH Just in the Nick of Time!

Great job of Reid going to the Hurry Up No Huddle with 8 minutes left in the game. Something that has seemed to elude all the TV Commentators and the Fans.

The 49ers were playing a great “Bend Don’t Break” Defense, but it was too conservative once the Chiefs went to the HUNH.

Gameball DC Spagnuolo

But the Gameball goes to DC Spagnuolo. Great pressure mix throughout the game. A big stop after the 49ers Interception up 20-10! Then a great blitz mix the last three SanFran Drives!

That’s a Wrap

Three straight comebacks for the Chiefs and a big comeback for me. An unprecedented 0-4 to start this Playoff Year, I won 6 out of the last 7 to salvage a winning record 6-5!

Power Spread is in the books baby! One for Reid. One for Football. The Decade of Flexibility – the last bastion of PS – is upon us!



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