2020 – What a Year!

Posted: December 31, 2020 in All Things Power Spread
What to Expect in the Publishing World in 2020
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As 2019 came to an end last year, I had written a marathon post on the Clemson/OSU Semifinal Playoff Game speaking of the age of Flexibility to come in the 2020s and the idea of Faith as an elusive but huge component in football or anything in life. I knew a lot would change fast in the game of football and game of Life, but wow – who could have foreseen all of 2020.

2019 College Football Semifinal – Clemson vs Ohio State

I rarely read my own material, but I had to take a look back at my Live (and not so live) Commentary from this game. This was the most improbable game I have ever seen in my 40+ years of either watching or playing the game of football. It wasn’t just one crazy play or a few crazy plays or a crazy ending. It was the whole game – on and on – after Ohio State looked like they were about to crush Clemson early on. Everything went the way of Clemson – like destiny.

At some point in the 4th Quarter I simply couldn’t explain anymore what I was watching. It went deeper than schemes, fundamentals, talent.. even a bit deeper than Culture of and Organization, though this has a lot to do with Faith and Trust. I literally stopped reporting and writing. I just watched – astounded – at what was going on in front of my eyes. I was up late that night trying to wrap my mind around what I just saw.

Because I am not popular or writing for a syndicate of any kind, I just sort of let the post go – unfinished. But I kept ruminating on what I saw. I realized that this was all about Faith – a Vibrational Energy of Trust that permeates the Culture of Clemson and enabled them to win against all odds. Something far harder to explain than schemes or talent or technique. A challenge I was ready to accept.

The non-physical universal constant – c2

I now had to finally explain my theories on the equation for Energy. E=mc2. Energy is always in all ways the whole of our existence in this 3D realm in which we live.

The m or mass part of this equation pertains to all the physical action of which we take part in this 3D physical plane of existence. So the Talent developed over many years, Fundamentals and Techniques worked on in practice, and the Schemes worked on by coaches and consultants all fall under the m part of this equation.

The biggest part of the equation – the largest # by far – is the c. C= 3×108 m/s – the speed at which light travels – which is ALWAYS AND ALL WAYS a CONSTANT. Thus c. Whether you run towards or away from light, its speed remains the same. Unlike anything else in our Universe.

This Universal Constant runs thru to all realms of existence. Not just our physical, seen, acknowledged 3D existence. That’s why it requires Faith. It is really beyond our focus here in the physical “shadowland” if you well. (Check out Plato’s Cave Allegory). You don’t need to be a genius or perfect to access this incredible power from which we all originate. But you do need Faith and there needs to be Trust.

In the end this is where the idea of “Luck” resides. This is why all great Leaders – like we see with many coaches in sports – understand that Attitude is Everything! This is why they try so hard to foster this positive attitude. They may not completely understand – who does – but it fosters what we call Luck. Good will to all men. And women. And all Life.

Why did Clemson get the breaks? – Timing vs Spacetime

So does this mean that Clemson has a better Attitude or more Faith than Ohio State, because they had all the breaks that day? Not exactly. This is where the elusive concept of Time comes into play. I’m not talking SpaceTime – the tick-tock of a clock. I am talking about real Time. Timing.

Think about it. What is clock time? It is the Earth rotating about its axis and revolving around the sun. It is really our idea of Time applied to Space. In reality it is Timespace – but we perceive it as Spacetime. We see these two ideas linked together, for as you travel through space, it takes a certain amount of time.

The truth is that Time is linked to eternal existence – so it’s linked more to each living organism. More accurately stated – it is a view of all Life in Eternal Evolution. It comes from 4D – from what I understand – and is all about Timing. Think of a dream. Where you just are and be and exist – without any traveling through “space”.

These are deep concepts – not to be further elaborated at this Time – but… simply stated…. that Day in Time – was Clemson’s Time. Clemson had been experiencing great positive results for yrs before. So had Ohio State- but not to the level that Clemson had reached more recently. Yes I am talking about Spacetime again.

Clemson had more recently won the National Championship. This “vibration” if you will, was strong within this Team. Ohio State has been great this past decade as well, but their last NC was 2014. Clemson’s won 2 since that time. Clemson as a Team has developed an overall faith and trust over this spacetime that led to the Timing of that particular day.

Now, they didn’t have the same result in the National Championship. Why? Besides the fact that LSU simply had the talent edge (as did Ohio State, by the way), the Timing and wave of momentum by LSU in 2019 was the best of that year. They simply were having the best year and nothing was going to stop it. I feel that if Ohio State was in the Championship, the game would have been a close one, because the talent levels and schemes were much more even, but this 2019, in the end, was LSU’s year.

And that, my friends, is Timing. So when OSU and Clemson play again tomorrow – Timing will be everything. Both teams have a great Culture – with top schemes, fundamentals and talent. But it will come down to who gets the breaks which will be all about Timing. Especially in a year with so much unpredictability.

2020 – Wow

Most people find this past year to be horrible. I have also had my share of hardships, but I have experienced and seen miracles all year long. I have no doubt that this is the turning point for Humanity and though it won’t be a cakewalk, and it looks very scary right now, there is a bright future ahead.

I have complete Faith and Trust that statement. I can tell you that all 4 playoff teams tomorrow also have faith and trust in each other. I wasn’t one that thought college football should be played this year. With so many other important matters to deal with in our world right now. But I may have been mistaken.

What I have seen – the camaraderie and strength – and the Love – that has fostered around the football landscape. The Love of Team – the Love for each other and our own selves – far outweighs the hardships. Ask any Head Coach and he will tell you how proud he is of his Team this year. For that I am grateful.

Tomorrow’s Semifinals

Tomorrow we will see 2 Semifinal Playoff Games. The same 4 teams (or 5 if you include Oklahoma) that have dominated the College Football Landscape recently. A rematch of that incredible Clemson/OSU game from last year. We will see 4 teams that have been thru hell and back – like so many this year.

Who will win? Does it really matter in the end? Maybe Vince Lombardi was wrong. Maybe winning isn’t everything.

Maybe in the end we celebrate Humanity. We celebrate our Strength. Our ability to Trust and have Faith. To understand something greater than our simple understanding in this very small portion of existence in which we live.

And maybe we drink a Toast – to what has been and what shall be. Let us not forget this incredible year – or all the incredible things humanity has accomplished. And let us move forward – taking our greatness with us – and leaving all our pettiness behind. Auld Lang Syne.


Auld Lang Syne sung by Dougie MacLean

  1. Christian Woods says:

    Great post. So much to take in. I love the inclusion of the song. It was moving. DP always has something worthwhile to say. Thanks for sharing.

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