NFL Championships – Green Bay at San Francisco Live Commentary

Posted: January 19, 2020 in All Things Power Spread


Both defenses start with big 3rd Down stops! Aggressive DScheme GB. Great play by SanFran talented rookie LB Greenlaw!

Shanahan Brilliance!

Misdirection PlayAction Pass in the flat to Samuel for 16. QB Garoppolo roll left, while the whole team blocked right! Next play Student Body Right again, but this time SanFran hands to RB for 5 yd sweep right!

On their heels and in doubt, the GB D backs off and immediately gives up an easy 5 yd run up the gut, followed by a big pass over the middle to Samuel for 30!

All this sets up a beautiful mis-direction draw play up the gut by Mostert for 36 yards and a Touchdown! The QB carries out a pass fake with GB sending a 5 man rush and in M2M on 3rd&8!! The RB bursts straight past the on-rushing, out-of-position defenders.

Beautiful Power Spread West Coast Offense by Shanahan using Mis-Direction. Exploiting Space. Breaking Tendency with Timing!

San Francisco 7-0
Now the brilliance of the SanFran DLine Coaches

One first down on a pass by Rodgers to up and coming WR Lazard. Then the San Fran DLine went to work! Buckner big hit. Bosa another, then a sack on 3rd down!

Crowd and 49er Team really fired up!!

Big Punt Return by James to midfield! Roughing the passer penalty now on NT Clark of GB, who seem to be losing their composure in front of this boisterous crowd!

GB DC using an aggressive M2M coverage. Burned last series, but gets the sack on Garoppolo this time on a big 3rd&6.

Huge 54 yd FG by Vet Kicker Robbie Gould!

San Francisco 10-0


Big play by CB Witherspoon’s replacement Moseley. Witherspoon was benched for his poor play last week! Another huge sack – this time a Nickelback Blitz by Kwaun Williams!

Terrible punt by top punter JK Scott! Packers unravelling.


Now the Shanahan Power

Starting at GB 37, Shanahan now Spreads the field to find the Power!

Pitch right Mostert for 13. Misdirection to Mostert for 9. What seems like a bad injury to RB Coleman on a 4 yd game.

After injury timeout, another misdirection run, QB roll right, Mostert down left sideline Touchdown!

San Francisco 17-0!

Big pass finally for Rodgers. Opens up some good runs for top RB Jones. Four straight runs by Jones gets GB to SanFran 25, then a terrible fumble by Rodgers. Just mishandled the snap!? Recovery 49ers!

Now Mostert is running like people expected Henry of Tennessee to run today! Mostert dominated the 66 yd drive, running from different sets in different schemes.

Again, more great PSWC offense by Shanahan, but the energy drop by Green Bay at this point is quite noticeable. They can’t get out of this half fast enough.

Another FG by Gould. 20-0. A muffed KR by Ervin sets GB up at their own 8 yd line with 2 minutes left!

Rodgers second nice pass to Lazard. Then another setback. Offsides by RT Bulaga breaks the little bit of momentum. Two plays later – interception 49ers!

CB Emmanuel Moseley makes another great play. An undrafted Free Agent replacing the ineffective Witherspoon last week, who is a 3rd Round Draft Pick. Unbelievable. Everything going right for the 49ers!

From there Mostert goes 11, 1 and 18 yards Touchdown! GB is an absolute mess and playing with ZERO energy.

San Francisco 27-0


This is a shocker. SanFran is hitting on all cylinders. That’s not too surprising. The way Green Bay has just crumbled is. Especially Rodgers.

His trouble at times with the 49er pass rush was to be expected. Not the fumbled snap and poor decision on the interception, throwing into a standard 21(Cover2 Look into Cover1) Zone. This is nothing new for Rodgers.

I didn’t see bad energy or a letdown by Green Bay initially. They simply crumbled under the pressure of the 49ers and their fans.

All I can say is – BE CAREFUL. Yes, the game looks over and it probably is, but this is the new NFL with PS Football. Rodgers has done it before and can do it again.

This game may not be over yet, but the Energy needs to change big time and the 49ers probably need to have a pretty big letdown or get really conservative.


Start of a comeback?

A little bit of a letdown to start the Half by SanFran.

A more passive scheme with less activity up front, allowing Rodgers time to hit his receivers. Adams for 16, then 15. A flea-flicker covered by SanFran, but an easy dump down to Jones for 8.

More short runs and passes versus a passive DScheme sets up 1st&Goal at the 9. A little quick screen to Jones for a Touchdown! LaFleur loves those RBs as Receivers!

Green Bay 7-27

Lightly recruited track star, Undrafted Purdue Grad Raheem Mostert continues to be the RB of the day! His Tennessee counterpart, “King” Henry was the #1 RB recruit of his class at Alabama and #2 Draft Pick of Tennessee.

Except for 2 Samuel reverses, Mostert pounded down the field 80 yards for a Touchdown. Green Bay’s Defense is still completely devoid of Energy. Shocking!

SanFran 34-7
Is this game over yet?

Again, more zone, passivity, less urgency by the SanFran Defense. Here comes Aaron Rodgers.

Short passes matriculating down the field. A pass to TE Graham for 10 on 3rd and 12, followed by a 4th&2 quick pass Lazared over the middle for 1st down past midfield.

Suddenly a 43 yd pass to Graham setting up a 1 yd TD run by Jones. SanFran may want to get out of this passive Zone D..?

Emblematic of Rodgers day, he blows the 2 Pt Conversion with an errant pass to Adams, who had gotten open versus Moseley.

Green Bay 13-34


Onside Kick recovered by SanFran who tries to milk the clock with three runs. Wishnowsky punts inside the 20.

HUGE 65 YARD PASS RODGERS TO ADAMS! Is there still life in Green Bay?

SanFran needs to get out of their preset zones and get back to some aggressive mixing both in pressure and coverage! They are letting a dead fish come back to life!

Sure enough, a reinvigorated GB Offense blasts right into the endzone on 2 passes by Rodgers. The last to rookie TE Sternberger on a scramble by Rodgers off a lazy 49er pass rush.

Green Bay 20-34

GBay Defense finally showing some energy for the first time since early in the game. Big play action pass to Kittle, then a PI penalty on Kittle by Redmond has the 49ers in GBay territory.

A nice quick screen to Mostert with he and FB Juszczyk lined up as WRs! More tricky use of Personnel by Shanahan.

From there SanFran ate up clock and kicked a FG.

San Francisco 37-20

In the end, Shanahan’s great Power Spread West Coast Offense was able to control this game. Even with the Defense getting too conservative and having a slight ledtdown in the 2nd Half.

I’m not sure who will be favored in the Super Bowl, but this has got to be labeled a Toss Up.

Kansas City has been knocking on the door since Mahomes became their QB and Reid turned to a full Pro Power Spread Offense.

San Francisco has been the best team in the NFL this year. Indisputably, after Baltimore’s playoff loss a week ago.

Two great Offensive Minds with solid defenses. Could the KC Special Teams make the difference? Or the experience of Reid and his staff? Or is this another win for the 49er franchise.

Two weeks of speculation is about to start. One of the more interesting Super Bowl matchups in a long time.


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