NFL Championships – Tennessee at Kansas City Live Commentary

Posted: January 19, 2020 in All Things Power Spread


Tennessee Spread to Power!

As I said in my Preview – Tennessee Spread to Power – with Play Action, Rollouts, Short & Long Passes – THEN the Henry Power.

Some good Aggressive Mix by KC DC Spagnuolo to hold Tennessee to a FG on 1st Drive. Chris Jones is back!

Tough call on a great interception by Breeland on next drive that got overturned. Then a big 4th Down completion – Tannehill to Humphries – who is just back from injury! Another great play action pass for 22 to Smith.

All this Spread sets up Henry Direct Snap Power out of the Wildcat for a 4 yd TD Run!

Another great gameplan by Vrabel and his staff!

Tennessee 10-0
Chiefs another comeback in the making?

After another slow start Mahomes and company get it going! Classic Mis-Direction Full PS Pro by Andy Reid.

  • Short stuff to RBs.
  • Mahomes scramble from LB Correa – finds speedy Hill for 26!
  • 3rd&10 short to Kelce.
  • Timeout – 4th&2 Kelce again! 1st down!
  • 2 Jet Sweep Pop Passes to speedy WRs Hardman and Hill!! Touchdown!

Tennessee DC Pees is being more aggressive as I said he’d need to be. Mixing some blitzes. Correa has been in Mahomes face all quarter, but this Chiefs O is hard to stop!

Tennessee is going to need some points this game!

Chiefs 7-10


AGGRESSIVE VARIETY – Vrabel and his staff at it again!

Finally need to give a shout out to Offensive Coordinator Arthur Smith. In my preview I gave it up to Matt LaFleur of Green Bay. Well, Smith has learned from him as well as some top offensive minds of the past.

His Aggressive Variety and use of the Spread to set up the Power has been excellent this whole playoffs!

  • Big Play Action Pass over the middle to WR Davis with the whole Defense sucked up on Henry!
  • Power Henry off this Play Action
  • Another Play Action to their great rookie WR Brown.
  • Another unfortunate play involving CB Breeland – Pass Interference on a 3rd&22 stop!
  • Now we see backup QB Mariota on a run!
  • All this sets up heavy power by Henry to the Goaline!
  • Then one more great play call using Henry as a decoy!

Touchdown pass to backup Offensive Tackle Kelly!! Nine Minute Drive – exactly what KC does not want!!

Tennessee 17-7
Chiefs finish the Half strong!

Big KR Hardman!! Special Teams here come the Chiefs!

Correa all over the place for Tennessee Defense makes another big hit, but DC Pees is backing off into zone now. Mistake!

Mahomes eats up the zone coverage. Big pass Robinson, then Watkins. Then a conservative triple coverage on Kelce, leaves Hill wide open 1on1 streaking down the hash – TOUCHDOWN!

Pees has got to stay aggressive on D or this will be a long day for the Titans Defense!

Chiefs DC has stayed aggressive. Spagnuolo is mixing coverages + dialing up tricky blitzes. Finally they slam the door on the Titans tough Offense.

Two Minute Offense KC. 3rd&4 big pass to Kelce! Mahomes scramble. Another pass versus Zone Coverage to Watkins. HUGE SCRAMBLE BY MAHOMES 27 YARDS TOUCHDOWN!

Too soft by Pees and the Titans Defense. Have to take your chances or the KC Offense will eat you alive!

Chiefs 21-17


Tony Romo must be reading PowerSpread! 🙂 He is right, it’s all about the Play-Action and the Spread pass that opens up the Power for the Tennessee Offense.

The 9 Minute drive in the 2nd Quarter was exactly what the Chiefs did NOT want, but to their credit they blasted right back.

Another big Special Teams play by Hardman on the KR sparked 14 unanswered points and a 21-17 Halftime lead.

Tennessee’s DC Pees was aggressive early, but fell back into a heavy zone coverage. Too easy for Mahomes.

The Titans need Aggressive Variety to have any chance. Continue it on Offense. Get back to it on Defense!


Too much zone by Pees again. Mahomes running + short passes down the field.

Now at midfield, Pees finally gets aggressive again! Brings a DB on a blitz. Then a LB Zone Blitz! Mistakes by KC due to the pressure!

Now Tennessee on Offense. Henry has been held in check, but all the play action passing getting KC. Spags is mixing in some tricky blitzes, though, and holds this Tennessee in check to start the 2nd Half!

Unlike Baltimore, KC taking this tough Tennessee Offense seriously! They are using their mid-season pickup NT Pennel and run stopping LB Ragland wisely!

Chiefs start to take control

Pees starting to mix it up again, but Mahomes mobility is really a problem. For ALL Defenses. PS Offense at its best is unstoppable.

No pressure and KC is mixing in the run and short passes. Pressure or tricky coverages and Mahomes takes off down the field.

This sets up Mis-Direction runs to WRs – like the speedy Hill. Another Mahomes scramble. More runs from RB Williams. Another short pass over the middle to speedy Hill.

All this sets up a phantom mis-direction to Hill – power stretch run play to Williams. Touchdown!

Just fantastic philosophy, schemes and play calling by Reid and his staff. Easy execution for his talented offense!

Kansas City 28-17

Great job by Spagnuolo again. Mixing coverages to confuse Tannehill. Blitzes to get to Henry and Tannehill. His bigger players – Tennel, Ragland – to get to Henry.

Aggressive Variety on both Offense and Defense has taken this game over for KC.

More short passes Mahomes. Pees really mixing the coverages, but simply not enough pressure! On a 3man rush, where Pees shows Man, but drops into Zone, Mahomes again scrambles and hits Sammy Watkins for a 60 yard TD Pass!

On the play, some controversy on a PI call that maybe should have been called on Watkins instead of the DB. Definitely looks to be the DB or a no call.

Pees is trying, but it’s not his way to mix so much pressure. He mixes more in Coverages, but this can’t stop Mahomes like it did Lamar last week.

Chiefs 35-17


More great Aggressive Variety by Spags Defense, but a Fake Punt suddenly breathes life into the Titans. Titans go No Huddle out of nowhere and Tannehill hits Harvard TE Firkser for a Touchdown!

Vrabel doing it again. Though Romo made a good call that the Chiefs should have expected a fake Punt.

3rd&Long and Reid calls for a Hardman Special! Rookie speedster on a great route design by Reid gets a big PI penalty. Nice job by Romo illuminating Reid’s ability to Break Tendency with unexpected Aggression.

Last Drive for Tennessee. More great Aggressive Variety by Spags! Blitzes, Lineman in coverage. Would make his mentor Jim Johnson proud!

A shout out to my Philly Friends as DLineman Kpassagnon from Villanova was all over the field in the 2nd Half! Pass coverage – rushing the passer. Power Spread!

Kansas City 35-24

Andy Reid has done more to progress Power Spread in the NFL than any other coach. More importantly, he has been a huge part of the Football Landscape for a long time.

Most importantly, Andy seems like great guy and I’ve been rooting for him for the last 5 years to finally get back to the Super Bowl! Go Chiefs!

The Chiefs are back in the Super Bowl!

Will it be a Packers matchup as in the first two Super Bowls? Or will San Francisco make another appearance. We will see…

Live Commentary of the second Championship Game on the way!

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