PS State of the Union Address 2

Posted: August 19, 2013 in State of the Union
Well, it’s been a long and winding road for sure. But alas the Power Spread is ready to roll.   
Despite the sincerity of my 1st PS State of the Union Address, I miscalculated the time frame. In my zeal and excitement I did not anticipate all the work of sifting through and organizing all of my research. Not just for a Football website, but a Tennis one as well. I also didn’t anticipate the trouble I would have in finding good web designers who’s work matched the quality of their words.  It’s been a rough couple of years, but all the hard work is starting to finally pay off. 
I now have a new theme that fits better the intellectual and all encompassing depth of the Power Spread ideal both on and off the field. I have also reorganized the Menu to better handle the loads of historic info and ongoing evolutionary stuff.  In addition, my new design team did a nice job of putting me in control of some coding aspects to provide better flexibility and overall efficiency in the WordPress framework. 
Now let’s talk Football!

What’s to Come

A list of Team Previews and subsequent analysis week by week of the College Football Season. In particular how it relates to the growing momentum of PS Football.
FATE OR IRONY – PS guru Urban Meyer joining forces with our favorite team The Ohio State Buckeyes. It was my play by play breakdown of the 2008 USC debacle (took me months to analyze) that opened my eyes to the importance of schemes in Football. Most of what you see on this site was spawned from that game and the subsequent long analysis. My question is why isn’t OSU setting the standard??
The state of Ohio was once upon a time a breeding ground for innovation. Beginning with Francis Schmidt, who lead the way for coaching greats Sid Gillman and Paul Brown, football from Ohio has had a hand in everything we see today. Francis most likely was influenced by the Grandfather of the Spread – Rusty Russell. Woody Hayes was influenced greatly by Sid Gillman’s zone blocking attack. Had Woody listened to his good buddy Tiger Ellison in the late 60s, OSU may have also started the movement towards the modern spread attack before Mouse Davis.
John Cooper and Jim Tressel showed signs of  PS Football, but were never able to completely convert. Coop brought in great speed and mixed the option with the pass. Tressel spread the field more with QBs Justin Zwick and Troy Smith and even introduced the “Shot Ginn” attack – a precursor to the now popular Wildcat formation. Unfortunately, the stubborn attempt to turn Terrelle Pryor into a Pro Style QB backfired in more ways than one. Enter Urban Meyer.
The Continuation of the Urban Meyer Experience started in Urban’s first season at OSU in 2012. Urban’s spot in history is still being written, but here at Power Spread, we feel he is smack in the middle of one of the biggest shifts in American Football. The same concepts that will lead to greater use of TEAM and less STAR may eventually effect the way people think outside of the game and in our society in general.
TEAM over STAR. We saw a great example of this last year in a fantastic comeback win against Purdue without our “star” QB Braxton Miller. The system works. If the Buckeyes shift the momentum from Alabama’s partial PS ideas to the full implementation with the likes of Meyer and others, history as we know it will be changed forevermore.
PS History & Social Commentary
Articles on how football has evolved from the beginning to the present and into the future. The movers and shakers who have shaped this great game and effected the American Conscience more than they probably know. The question now is how much will these new ideas effect not only the American Conscience, but the World at Large. This will be looked at in our Social Commentary section. 
An important part of PS History will be the categorical list for all the Teams Histories. Included for each Team will be a Notes Section. While these “notes” will not be posts in a traditional sense, they will provide a quick way to share all the accumulated research and link further details for other posts. Without flowery text, but no less important, they will help connect the dots in PS History while providing important info to help further understand the Power Spread as it stands today.
In line with all things PS will be a PS Defined section. A continued exploration of what the Power Spread actually means. Two seemingly disparate elements that come together to form a whole. The Power within. The Spread without.
NYC Underground and GTB!
Finally, we need to have room for possibly the most important part in any sporting event – The Fans. Whether they know it or not, the public is greatly effected by Sports as entertainment. The thoughts and views about our sports entertainment actually mirror the way we think in every day life. And thoughts are everything. Change the thought, you change the world. 
Before Kurt and I even came up with the term, Power Spread, we had ideas about the sharing with everyone the great College Football Fanbase right here in New York. It actually makes sense. A population filled with people from across the globe also has a large variety from it’s own home country. College football has a vast loyal following. North, South, East and West. The NYC Bars are among the best in the world and certainly take advantage of College Football Saturdays. Besides the Giants, Jets, Yankees and Mets, the city is filled with Team Bars exploding to life every Saturday during the College Football season. 
Kurt already has posted some videos at the power spread youtube channel from the 2011 Season. The 2013 season will see more of these videos starting with the new Ohio State Bar and wherever we watch the Buckeyes play!
As for GTB! – this will be a work in progress as we find ways to get fans involved. As a following develops we will keep this section as a place for Fans to air their grievances or just have some crazy fun with their fanaticism. This section was inspired by the most raucous Buckeye Fan I know – our buddy, Jimmy!
paul-revereCOME ONE COME ALL

So welcome back to some and greetings to others. The main point is to enjoy life in the way that works for each one of you. Maybe we can all learn a little something along the way as well!


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